Kimi Towa Gokai Kara Hajimarimashitaga
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  • It Started From a Misunderstanding
  • It Started From a Misunderstanding With You But
  • Kimi to wa Gokai kara Hajimarimashita ga
  • キミとは誤解からはじまりましたが
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  • 8.38
  • 111
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From Good Girls Scan BL:

High school student Miike Kazuya, who is a good person but often pessimistic writes the first love letter of his life. The love letter’s recipient is a female high school student he happens to see on the commute to school, “Hifumi-san.” ---or even though it was supposed to be, Since he read the name wrong, the girl’s older brother. It’s given to Utakane Hifumi-san…

What will become of the acquaintanceship that started from a mistake?
Youthful pure love (heart) open the curtain!!
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