Beware of the Villainess!
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  • ¡Cuidado con la mujer malvada!
  • ¡Cuidado con la villana!
  • Beware the Villainess!
  • Cuidado com a vilã!
  • Geu Angnyeoreul Josimhaseyo!
  • 恶毒女配今天不营业
  • 그 악녀를 조심하세요!
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A refreshing, unique villainess who's been dropped in the world of a novel, only to overthrow it all! The reason why? She couldn't just stand by and watch the female lead be manipulated by all four shitty male leads. The story of a pragmatic villainess who intends to throw out all the jackasses, the friendly heroine who is equally miffed at said idiots, and a wolf that only yearns for the villainess!

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Based on the Original Webnovel by Soda Ice
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Aaaargg how long must you torture me with waiting lol
He insulted nine! He must diiiieeeeee
@Momeopoo yesss please update
Psps0s0s0s0s0s0pspspspsp chapter 54 come out
OMG OMG OMG... ch54... 👀✨
psycho :)
Thanks so much to both scan teams working on this, you're my heroes
How’s the romance in this? Is this reverse harem?

If so, what kind of harem is it. Does everyone get a whirl at it. Or does the person only have eyes for one?
Yona best heroine
Ok, no offense, but all of you suck? I honestly love this novel and wherever it's going I follow. I love the entirety, and I am so thankful it's being translated. Also, MC pls beat up that b***** for Nine? :) I am this close to losing it, poor Nine...
Migen can FR catch these hands 😤👊💢
Damn, werewolves need nerfing, also mine is useless, i want a refund
Yona best maid
This arc is kinda boring. Damsel in distress with pure evil villain, and likely nine Will find his strenght to protect the girls against the brother, bleh... I like the novel when It makes Fun of Tropes.
The action parts are Very uninteresting
this story is pretty okay. dropping it because its boring for me rn, but i will come back when there more ch
I rarely read villainess isekai but this is a wonderful story. The villainess is one of the best main characte and the way the author make a spin of the cliched shoujo reverse harem.
The first 15-20 chapters are pretty bad. At some point, there's a conversation that spans 3 chapters and more than half of it is MC talking to herself. Later on, it picks up the pace and becomes ok.
I love it when the author isn't afraid to get weird with the drawing! That UGH in chapter 2 had me literally in tears laughing! Best facial expression ever drawn by human hands. I followed and gave this all of my stars the instant I came down from my laughing fit. I can't remember EVER reacting that much to a single image, that singular moment alone is worth a thousand 10* ratings.

10/10, absolute unit of a story. Would recommend.
I hope migen gets a sword up his wazooo 😤
Quite honestly this took me a couple chapters to get into. The story didn’t seem to start moving until after she finally confronted her “indifferent” father in his office for the first time. After that scene, I couldn’t stop reading. I really grew to adore the characters and I just love the funny moments.
It started off as a 3⭐️
Now I would give it a 9⭐️
Because Nineeeeeeee!!!!!