Liar, Where Are Vampires!
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  • Menteurs! Les vampires n'existent pas!
  • Roomshare shitara, Zen'in Kyuuketsuki datta
  • When I Shared My Room, Everyone Was a Vampire
  • 거짓말, 뱀파이어가 어디 있어?
  • ルームシェアしたら、全員吸血鬼だった
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Dongha, who has lived with his father all this time, followed the will of his father to go to the city. Luckily with 30, 000 won, he rented an amazing house and met friends from the same department. They are kind and angelic friends who generously gave the nude Dongha food and daily necessities but...

Dongha's friends are real-life vampires, who droll secretly as Dongha get chubbier. All the while, they laughed in glee, saying "There are many nice people in the world."- seeing that they've caught an innocent and naive human. But they soon fell in love for Dongha's innocence...

One day, when they showed off their pale shoulders in bed to Dongha (who lives by the motto of paying back with whatever he has), the vampires get into a situation and started to nosebleed...

Will they be able to drink Dongha's blood safely while keeping their hearts in line?
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