Kono Yo ni Tada Hitori
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  • Konoyo ni Tada Hitori
  • Only My Girl in the World
  • The Only One in the World
  • この世にただひとり
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Hachi is the daughter of a beekeeper. Mitsuko is drawn to Hachi who is rough and foul mouthed but mature. She wants to follow Hachi wherever she goes; But the beekeeping business is on the move, and they are going to be separated from each other..?

2: “Algae” — A bond is associated with the ecology of a small, inflatable pool.

3: “Urbane, the Snow-Woman” — A girl living in the remote country-side meets an apparent snow-woman moved from the city.

4: “Like the Weather, Love Has Its Sunny Days and Its Rainy Days” — A girl seeks to support a witch-in-training as she deals with unrequited romantic longings.

5: “Red-Eyed Adrianne” — A would-be photographer and a model have unhappy jobs in soft-core pornography.
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