I Will Leisurely Become a Healer in Another World
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  • Isekai de nonbiri Iyashi Te hajimemasu
  • Isekai de nonbiri Iyashi Te hajimemasu: Doku ni mo Kusuri ni mo naranai kara Tensei shita Ohanashi
  • 異世界でのんびり癒し手はじめます
  • 異世界でのんびり癒し手はじめます ~毒にも薬にもならないから転生したお話~
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Around the age of thirty, the officer worker Shouko suddenly gets into an accident on her way home and reincarnates into a parallel universe. When she reincarnates, a goddess gives her the "power of healing" and caretakers that will look after her until she is able to become independent.

However, she restarts in the form of a 10-year-old...

Prior to her reincarnation, Sachiko who opened her eyes on the verge of death was picked up by a handsome hunter named Falco. Shouko instinctively knew that Falco is one of the promised caretakers... but there's trouble.

Falco's constant doting can't be stopped!

Hunting slimes, harvesting herbs, and training to be a healer: Shouko then decides to live her second life with the overprotective and soft Falco.
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im glad this manga is shoujo, because if it's shounen... there is too many tragedy flag :'
u know, like kekkaishi tensei :'
Yeah, it's great and all but as everyone has noticed, the tags (including MangaUpdates "age gap" category-tag) all point to this building up to the... obvious, and rather questionable, romance.

...Well, she's not an actual kid, being roughly thirty pre-isekai-ing and all, so I'm not going to stop and wait to read it out of the mere possibility it goes in a weird direction.

(I mean, almost all reincarnation-y isekai have weird age-gap problems if thought about too hard—I'm undecided as to whether this would be any worse than the usual, on that front, or just more obvious. But the main problem here would be the now-established adoptive relationship.)

In the meantime, though, it's nice fun fluff, while not especially original but no worse than usual for the genre, etc.
how much older are they than her? if this goes down some kinda 'when she's of age' polygamy crap i'm gonna flip

they're on the front cover with her so i'm kinda scared it's likely to happen or some variation of it when they fall in love with her pls no
This is so interesting! I like that the MC aims to be a healer and is also having a healthy life and has good relationships with the people around her. The latest chapter so far is ominous... what a cliffhanger. So excited to read more 😊
I hope this manga isnt one of those where after the FL became adult, she ends up with the ML...😓😓😓😓😓
Yeesssss, this was amazing Haha!!

cute story. i doubt her caretakers will be her love interests, unless it's gonna pull an usagi drop (yikes). it seems like falco has
I’m worried about the romance tag (hopefully not another “If It’s for my daughter I’d even defeat the demon lord” I don’t remember the title exactly) honestly hoping she doesn’t have any romance with either caretakers or I might drop because I hate seeing really good manga being ruined by a guardian marrying the child (not being related isn’t an excuse) Other than that I’m really enjoying the manga
Decent, but not really "leisurely" as the title says. She gets involved in Guilds, and Church politics. And she carelessly uses her healing power (which is far superior to regular healing) in public. It's also strange because she is supposed be a former full grown adult in a child's body. But she acts immature at times. It's like the author can't decide how mature she wants the character to be.
@Christopher I believe that its just her method that is revolutionary.

This isn't bad, even thought he looks young the guy that adopt her isn't acting creepy at all but like any overprotective father.
It's really sweet.

Some think that he'll raise her as his wife but I really hope it just stays as a cute father daughter relationship...
There are plenty of other characters to exploit after all, we already know it's romance so as long that they don't make Falco the love interest I'll like this series...

If they do I'm gonna drop it and give it a 1/10 immediately, don't you dare destroy my pure father daughter dynamic...
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I'm all for this story except for the possibility that Falco may be raising his future wife.... I hope that's not the case and he's just an overly attached foster brother/mentor.
Pretty good!
A person will be screwed they can't use both limbs or if they hurt their spine :O
So is she the only one capable of healing old injuries or is her idea of symmetrical healing good enough for others to use?
pretty solid so far
I find the premise somewhat forced. If she can be reincarnated without starting as an infant, why not just do so at her adult age bypassing the need for a caretaker? There's no explanation why she reincarnates as 10 yo other than "because plot!"
Hopefully the romance tag ment NOT Caretaker X Shou... meh its good..
>another world
oh no