Villainess Level 99 ~I May Be the Hidden Boss but I'm Not the Demon Lord~
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  • Akuyaku Reijou Level 99
  • Akuyaku Reijou Level 99 ~Watashi wa UraBOSS desuga Maou de wa arimasen~
  • Akuyaku Reijou Reberu 99 ~Watashi wa UraBOSU desuga Maou de wa arimasen~
  • Antagonis Level 99~ Aku Memang Bos Rahasia, Tapi Aku Bukanlah Raja Iblis~
  • Villainess Level 99
  • 悪役令嬢レベル99
  • 悪役令嬢レベル99~私は裏ボスですが魔王ではありません~
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I reincarnated as the "Villainess Eumiella" from an RPG Otome game. In the main story, Eumiella is merely a side character, but after the ending, she re-enters the story as the Hidden Boss, a character boasting high stats on par with the Heroes!!

Lighting a fire in my gamer's soul, and taking advantage of being left on my own in my parent's territory, I trained, trained, and trained! As a result of my training...... By the time I enrolled in the academy, I managed to reach level 99.

Though I had planned to live out my days as inconspicuously and peacefully as possible, soon after entering the school, I'm suspected by the Heroine and Love Interests of being the "Demon Lord"...?

A popular Web novel of seeking a peaceful life, a fantasy story of the strongest villainess!

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