The Making of a Princess
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Sophia, the haughty Princess of the West Kingdom, was reduced to a lowly maid! Trampled on and humiliated, the reality she’s faced with is a harsh and cruel one. However, relying on nothing but her wits, she rises up against the odds. Will she be able to take back everything that once was hers… and more?
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The cover is kinda weird. The FL (? Haven’t read it yet) is half the size of the guy she’s sitting to.
@rinnychan98 I was referring to slave girl falling for the guy who made her one, more than the girl herself.
nahh @Cloverfr the FL's are different.
I'm having strong "Beatrice" flashbacks right now
Ok, I haven’t read this story yet, but I just have to say something about the cover

It looks like girl is half the height of the guy she’s sitting next to
Title of chapter 5, shouldn't it be against?
@rinnychan98 Why would anyone hate you ? Sorry I didn't say it before but thank you for doing this. I am sure none of the perceived hate is directed at you. This story however is going to be pretty bad. I expect it's going to be as bad as Beatrice where the FL is falling for the man who killed her family and forced her into slavery

๐Ÿคฃ //pat

We're just here translating stories.

It's okay to express.


But don't put the hate on us please.

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@rinnychan98 Are you surprised ? The nature of these stories is such that the MC can't be allowed to progress. So what the future holds, is endless chapters of her getting brutalized by those around her and anything she manages to gain will soon be lost

On a personal note it bothers me that I didn't follow my rules for reading these things
1. They have to have an ending
2. Know the topic. This is a comic for people with a particular kink

Oh and personally chapter 4 I would have gone with

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" ---Patrick Henry
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I see so much hate in the comments ( อก° อœส– อก°)
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The premise for this story is terrible. We have an arrogant and cruel main character, legitimately hated by her people, and your typical cold, uncaring ML who puts her into literal slavery. She has to pick up shit with her bare hands and wash her clothes with piss. And it’s also the type of manhua where everything happens very conveniently and there’s no depth to the plot.

There’s really nothing to like here.
I bet that the asshole prince is going to be jealous and realize that he’s in love and all that shit ๐Ÿ˜‘
can already tell "the asshole ML will slowly be less of an asshole and come to love the FL and blah blah blah bullshit" and if it does go that way, I'll be pissed lol. Cause it's like she'd ignore that he's why she was humiliated and made slave, why her father is dead, etc...

I really still do like the female lead and I like the premise, but god damn, I am so tired of bad writing from people who don't think things beyond a romance addled brain thinking "oh love will do this" or "oh isn't he so dreamy" or other bs lol
Saved her? Think about it, where is her life going to go now? She'll be a slave-made. She's going to be endlessly harassed by others who know she was a princess by those around her (her coworkers) also because her personality is likely to get on their nerves and what can she do about it? Not like any of the leadership will care about a fallen princess with no power. Furthermore, she's now at risk of being sexually assaulted. Again, no one will care about a slave/maid and she's also an appealing target cause "never had a noble girl before."

And what's the long term goal? If it doesn't do some bs, there's nothing she can really strive for realistically. She can't be anything more at this point than some mistress/concubine of a noble (and it's clear the prince is set up as the love interest which also bothers me). With her personality, think she'd be happy as a mistress/concubine? Prolly not. No noble will take her as a wife cause of her background (even if they don't know, nobles aren't gonna marry some one they view as a slave/commoner) and a lack of any family with status to support her/give her value to them.

I just don't see how this realistically would end up something positive for her, just endless abuse and suffering. It's not like women in general have much in terms of power in these kinda settings, especially a slave (which we know she is now).

I mean, I also think her getting over her realization that she's been hated this whole time by her people and her father was hated as well as being hanged (far as we can tell, it was her ONLY family too)... which means she's now completely alone. It's just kinda heartbreaking even if her normal personality is one of too much pride that makes her a person of poor quality.

This prince and his father are complete dumbasses to think this "helps" or "saves" her.
oh he actually kinda saved her

edit: half serious/half sarcastic here
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whoo boy! Another update! I really like the premise of this story, but I'm not sure I like some elements of it. Like, I don't get why he or his father thinks this slave status is good for her. I don't quite buy she'd just accept being a slave so easily (being a haughty princess). I don't get why she isn't more distraught longer (feels she got over losing everything and realizing she was hated pretty fast there). I still hate the prince and hope she doesn't end up with him after ruining her life. And it'd be nice to know more of why the king was hated so much. I hope we'll get more answers in the future :P

Still, thanks for the translations and I really want more, but I have so many questions as well as some nitpicks with the story/character development so far.
Thank you for taking this up ! I really hope u release the other episodes soon since I'm sure we are all very bored and have nothing to do bcus of the lock down
cool, thanks :) was curious where the raws were. Figured I'd glance over. Still hoping she doesn't fall for a prince that literally is the cause of her downfall and death of her one family.
You know what? Just make a Manhua/manwha of shoujo not-hitler and doormat FL falling in love. Cause thats clearly what they want to make judging by the types of plots theres stories have
@TheGodEmperor Hello, sorry, I just added it!