Xianzun System in the City
Alt name(s):
  • I Am Immortal
  • 系统仙尊在都市
  • 6.30
  • 5.37
  • 107
Pub. status:
  • 69,330
  • 2,741
  • 58
Zhong Ma is an ordinary college student who is graduating but can't find a job. He unexpectedly learned that he was cheated by his girlfriend. He fell completely into the bottom of his life, and wanted to drink and drunk? !! I thought that my sad life would end like this, but was blessed by misfortunes, Zhong Ma gained an unlimited ability to upgrade the system, and started his open life! Perspective, teleportation, super fighting ... all at your fingertips! Since then, beautiful women gathered, no longer have to chase the goddess to be cheated, young man, counterattack!
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Pretty pretty bad.
Is Chinese society this autistic, or are the translations that bad?
You know its bad news when the actual scan being uploaded surpassed youtube
Is the art trash from the core or the scan is to be blamed?
This protagonist is exactly as I imagine a chinese idiot that doesn't know when to stop with picking fights that received a OP power, aside the things going well for him most times of cousre, normally someone like that would die very soon, he could avoid the dangerous situation but decides to waltz into it because he believes to be invincible when he only have a borrowed power and still don't understand a tenth of it.
He should go train himself, ask the guide for shortcuts and help but nope, he just begs for help when things go south.
I'll continue to read it for now, but stupid protagonists always turn me off.
Ohh boi. People here are complaining about how generic the character is. Can't you guys see the TAGS? It's freaking comedy cultivation, and it's not a serious cultivation manhua like "Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator." Just read the tags first instead of waiting for your expectations. Every story has its plot and flow, and it can mainly be seen by its very own genres and tags it has.
This novel's MC even reminds me of the MC from "Battle Through the Heavens." Like it took a few hundred chapters before Xiao Yan, the MC of Battle Through the Heavens, to turn from being a stupid simpleton who is always being guided by his ghost master to a mature true Immortal.
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Why is this main character so unlikable, he's got zero merit that would place him in the category of a main character, he's not smart, he's not brave, he's not strong, he's not clever, The disembodied voice is more of a main character than he is at this point.

It's like watching doraemon, whenever the mc has any problem whatsoever, instead of trying to solve it himself he just asks the voice and it has yet another dues ex machina lined up to save the day.
this is dyed in the wool trash. which is normally fine, i read tons of trash.
but it's not even fun trash. it's slow, has shitty side characters, and the mc is actually completely useless.
Is 31 pulling up the immortal medic this group does instead of this manga?
just to point out author's pen name is quite nice.
That panel that talk looks to to be from the other manhua “i am an invincible genius” or something ( i hope i typed it right)
@jy1235689 Chinese has 1 billion + habitant and competition in business is very harsh in there it's like dog eat dog hyper capitalism. The most powerful bribe some politicians to deal with upstart. And those kind of series is representative of china business mentality. They put you like an upstart (only the cheat make the story main interest+if it was IRL you have some family in the CCP that give you advice or some high friends) -> replaced by beautiful girls in those story or bros.
Ch 11..12..13 of System Xianzun in the City ( I Am Immortal) is posted wrongly on a manhua called Urban Best Medic
So many Chinese manga are full of protagonists getting put down and people trying to take them down all the time.
Is Chinese really this autistic of a language to communicate context?
Is he really gonna have that ugly ”brother” with less iq than my 9week old puppy.... coulda been 10x better without his ugly ass
The chick isn't even that pretty did the rich man standards fall suddenly? I mean in the other series the which was hot
The description needs some tlc
Tried to find this on the immortal updates site but i must be totally blind - when i looked i was unable to find it even tho the chapter 0 here said "click here for website" and took me to the right place it was invisible to me :)
Ahhh well - it seems to be another fun story like the metropolitan system ones that are around - i'll add it to the reading list :) Cheers to the translation team :)