Genius Cool Treasure: President's Wife Is Too Powerful
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  • Finding My Daddy For Mommy
  • President's Wife Is Too Powerful
  • 天才酷宝:总裁宠妻太强悍
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"Genius Cool Treasure: The President's Wife Is Too Powerful" is a web comic serialized by a Japanese writer. The comic tells that five years ago, in a tent with black lights, the woman drove him drunk, and gave birth to twins and lost one. Five years later, the woman filmed him secretly, healed his hidden illness, stole his heart, and took a small bun to abduct his other son to play missing. Feng Yizhen swears that she must catch the woman's fierce affection and let her know that she has to pay the price.
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Brain cells lost
Not for me it just not.
The story is so dull and transfer even worse on the manhua, I want to cry. :(
Is the original novel from Jiong Jiong You Yao? Because those are all the same.
i believe this has official translation.. i dont remember where..
@eternallynameless I think youre thinking of some other one, there are so many like this.

Also How do I comment on the newest chapter? Cause it aint letting me i'll do it here instead, Im ready to bet he wont believe she is married so she shows him her kid, and he investigates that shit and finds out she aint/wasnt married.
Copy and paste story, art, and characters
Didn't she have twins? Where's the other babyy?
@NoSoup My pleasure ^_^
It definitely sounds a bit interesting, although knowing these chinese comics, its gonna have a lot of ehhhh moments and kinda shitty art. But the story could get interesting once they realize that they got a child together.
@Krackers Thank you! 😊
That sounds kinda weird, but it's definitely better than what I first assumed. Guess I'll give it a try!
@NoSoup from what I got is, they had a one night stand, MC got pregnant. Didnt know who the dad was, maybe didnt care. Became a journalist and by sheer coincidence took pics of her baby daddy. He couldnt get it up for others but for some reason he has no problem with her so he decides to make her his GF/Wife whatever. And then what happens later idk.
Could anybody give me a summary of this series because I honestly don't understand the one posted on here. From what I can tell, FL gets pregnant by ML and leaves shortly after, comes back some time later to do some stuff(?), and then leaves again, prompting the ML to search for her?
Is this worth reading or is the actual comic as confusing as this summary?
@LunaDW, not so sure about that though. because I have seen two different versions of that one. the webcomics one seemingly omit some stuff. while the one I found on youtube was uh...different in one specific scene.
Lol that title though
@TrapCard113 There is one called "The CEO's Sudden Proposal" where the FL isn't raped or abused by her husband. That's my profile pic. It's her and her stepson. Found it on WebComics.
thats a summary if ever there was one.
@TraoCard113 Well, from the ones that I read, while there is no explicit consent given, the excuse is that she actually wanted it but is too embarrassed to say yes, so she says "no" but actually means "yes" or the guy is super hot so it's okay!
@sweet-potato Do josei romance manhuas even come without the rape? Out of the hundreds I've read, that and the over-the-top comedy drama seem to be mandatory inclusions.
@TrapCard113 I hate how commen this is that I honestly wouldn't be surprised if rapemance became a thing; even though it kinda already is, just that it doesn't have a name. Yet...
@sweet-potato Always nice to find a new rapemance.
Of course she gets raped and is then pregnant, this wouldn't be a Chinese Manhua is that wasn't the start...