Auto Hunting
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  • Only I Auto Hunt
  • Solo Auto-Hunting
  • 나 혼자 자동사냥
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The world under attack by monsters that are pouring from the 'fracture'. And the 'hunters' who hunt those monsters are the most coveted job in the world currently. One day, Oh Yunsung who works his hardest from day to day as a worker in a meat restaurant awakens an ability to automatically hunt monsters with perfect techniques and physical prowess like in MMORPG when he presses a button 'Auto Hunting' that appears in front of him...!

Il mondo è sotto attacco da parte di mostri che fuoriescono dalle “fratture”. E i “hunter” che cacciano quei mostri . Un giorno, Oh Yunsung, che lavora di giorno in giorno come lavoratore in un ristorante , risveglia la capacità di combattere automaticamente i mostri con tecniche perfette e abilità fisica come in un MMORPG quandosi preme il pulsante “Auto-Hunting”, pulsante che appare di fronte lui...?!
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Pretty bad. Reminds me of another similar bad manhwa called Raid.
Bande de démon je veut la suite du chapitre 30
Come mai 2 mesi di attesa?
Just read up to chapter 23 on Leviatan Scans. Dropped because I can't handle it anymore. It's loaded with harem-esque tropes. Any and all female characters past the first chapter are not only attractive, not only powerful, but also the most easily sympathetic and/or respectable characters. If it's a male character with any kind of development and who is of the same age as the MC, you can bet that they'll be antagonistic in some way if not outright and completely scummy.

If you're okay with that, whatever. I just see it way too often, and it's way too transparent.
For those who are waiting on the new releases from them, apparently the editor is busy and will come back soon.
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@-Gg- Leviatan Scans have translated up to chapter 28
I thought it was already translated to chaps 20+ or something. Can someone tell me what happened ?
Sounds like an "inverted" Dimensional Mercenary, where instead of the MC taking control of someone's body, the MC's body gets controlled by someone (or something) else. I bet ESOS is behind all of this 😱
Leviatanscans already has 28 chapters of this translated and posted on their free site

While the system fights for him , he has to learn and train his body to endure the fights , and he actually realises that he might not be able to use his auto mode power in some cases so he puts extra effort into learning
So this isn't about shopping for a legendary car?
Questo è... ma vaff! 😆 non si finisce un capitolo così! 😂
sembra bella la nuova serie, ma dove posso trovarla?
ci sono già dei capitoli?
@Renato0 e @Mutant78 ottimo! grazie del supporto, continuate a seguirci.😁
non mais je vois pas trop l'interet sur la durée
je suis la seule à avoir pensée Naruto (ou chakra) pour le pas tridimensionel ?
Comincia ad essere molto interessante
Complimenti per la traduzione
Continua così 👍🏻💪👍🏻💪
@ArataNaki thanks I actually seen this months ago and wondered what's happening seen the chapter 0 again and thought it updated. Your link helped me see where it's at now
for those who want the manga in english, leviatanscans

Link removed, they don't want traffic from here.
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Ringrazio infinitamente chi in questo periodo difficile, sta continuando a tradurre questa opera (in Italiano), perché mi sta piacendo molto e non vedo lora di leggere altri capitoli. Inoltre posso sapere quando escono ?