Amina of the Lamp
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  • Amina's Lamp
  • 램프의 아미나
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On the day of the Wizarding City Paz's destruction, Amina got stuck inside a lamp while trying to turn back time. And 300 years later, she was awakened by a military commander, Jakal.

“I do not have any wishes for you to grant”
Well, I just want to hurry and grant a wish so I can go back, who the hell is this guy?

“Do you know who I am?”
“There is no one else in this world who knows you better than I do.”
“That’s not possible..... I’ll disappear one of these days!”

Amina, who needs to go back into the lamp after granted the wishes suddenly meets Jakal who wants to give up his wishes to be with her. However, there are many dangers and threats that prevent him from doing so. Will Amina achieve her wish in the end?
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