There's Something Wrong With the Governor
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  • Du Zhu You Bing
  • 督主有病
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An unfavoured concubine-born son of the Xie Residence was made, due to unknown reasons, into the Governor of Dong Chang, below only one and above thousands! The world only knows Chen Jue as a savage and ruthless man, however they do not know of the only white moonlight in his heart, the Qie Lan assassin Xia Hou Lian, who has been wanted in Dong Chang for many years! Once were childhood friends, but why do they now point their blades at each other? A Yandere Immortal Governor and a loyal ruffian assassin invites you to enjoy a bloody date!
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Are there recent news for this or was it actually dropped ?
Hope this updates soon ><
Both the art and story are really good! The characterization of our main character Xia Hou Lian is lively and well done, so even the extended flashback of their youth days is fun to read and not a drag at all (as it often is). Definitely a work with characters and story good enough to stand alone without relying solely on being a BL. The way the author draws eyes is very unique and beautiful, also, like a layered watercolor texture. Excited to see how the story goes when it picks back up in present time, but we can only hope the pandemic situation improves. Thanks to the scanlators for working on this.
Despite the description, the first story arc of them as kids has been just about nothing but endearing stuff. (With angst and tragedy, to be fair; it's not all flowers and daisies. But still.)

I know manhua in general are fond of changing the tone and personality of the characters drastically after romance time-skips, like it's a Thing. So I can't say the description is necessarily wrong, and it's on hiatus and all... but for it to reach the harsh impression given by the description, would be a pretty extreme turn-about. >_>;

Anyway it's been a much better read than I expected so far. I was trying this one just in case it was somehow good, and lo!
Thanks a lot for translation until now. Wishing you guys to stay safe and healthy until author's comeback too.
Yess the story’s picking up pace! Thanks to the scanlation team <3
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As of ch15: This looks promising. The artwork is really good and their relationship is really cute. I just hope that as adults the white dressed guy wont be so mean to him. Like I know he cares obviously but hes not very good at expressing it. looking forward to the shounen ai
the governor as a kid is sooooo cuuuuute
Oi guvner