Shiori's Diary
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  • Shiori no Nikki
  • しおりの日記
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  • 88,346
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Shiori is turning 35, married for 3 years and trying to adapt to the unvarying and boring routine as a wife. She thought that this tranquility will be their future as a married couple but one day she stumbles on a diary on her husband's study. As Shiori reads through the pages, she realizes it is her husband's diary where he put down in writing all his private moments with his lover! Is it time for Shiori to start her own diary?
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As far as these types of stories go the setup isn't that bad.
I see cuckshit, I give 1 and drop
There's plenty of reasons not to divorce, Money is one, reputation is another, social dynamics is one (perhaps a divorce would make 2 families become enemies.), there are lots of reasons to not divorce despite lack of love. In fact, marrying for love is a rather recent phenomenon, plenty of people throughout history had mistresses, lovers, concubines, or visited prostitutes despite being married. Marriage was more a political and social tool for much of history, so I had no doubt that sexual relations outside of marriage was widespread.

Granted this story is just a fetishization of NTR or cheating, so it doesn't deserve that much thought I think.
Why don't they just get a divorce ffs?
All of this authors work is NTR trash
@FTU I like how people say this is for SIMPS as if no one would get off to being the guy the lady is cheating with. The husband is also cheating so is it really for SIMPS at this point? What SIMP would enjoy this under what reasoning? A SIMP would love it if the wife is clearly cheating on him and telling him about it so he can feel small. Now if the husband wasn't cheating then oyu would have an argument.
Missed Tsuyatsuya actually giving up spicy scenes unlike in the slow ass Rakijutsu. Hope his other recent works find their way here.
do you think you are a good person ?

No, why? Is it mandatory for everyone to be approved by you to comment?
cheating is not what most people search in a manga

Should I care? Yaoi is likewise not what most people search, it also not something normal or natural, but still, this isn't provoking all those tender vanilla boys as NTR or cheating does. Don't know what things you imagine in your head about relations, but cheating is a pretty common occurrence these days, why be so butthurt about it?
Can I skip on commenting about all those insults? Despite what you may think, being offensive degenerate and trying to claim the higher moral ground with assumptions does not make you Intelligent.
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I can feel the heat from the rating chart lol.
But it's just cheating. How in the world vanilla boys got triggered this time? And no cucks to accidentally self-insert into either.
Bah, cheating. Ethics aside, IMO cheating is for morons who can't pick the right person in the first place.
this author is all about cheating
I'm starting to think that the author had a bad marriage or something lmao.
Cucklord shit. Only simps are interested in that
RNP was not huge ntr has it was wholesome and shit, this is pure ntr :(
can you put smut tag please?
How do you do, fellow NTR-Chads?
It lacks smut tag.
This author really likes affairs