The Savior's Book Café in Another World
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  • I Was Summoned to Another World as a Savior, but Because I’m a Woman in My Thirties That’s Impossible, so I Quietly Started a Book Café
  • I Was Summoned to Another World as a Saviour, but Since I’m a Woman in My Thirties That’s Unreasonable, so I Quietly Started a Book Café
  • Isekai ni Kyuuseishu to shite Yobaremashita ga, Around 30 ni wa Muri na no de, hissori Book Café Hajimemashita.
  • Savior's BOOKCAFE Story in Another World
  • 異世界に救世主として喚ばれましたが、アラサーには無理なので、ひっそりブックカフェ始めました。
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Tsukina is summoned to another world and is told by a talking orb who introduces itself as a god that she is to be the savior of another world and that she is to balance it with her high magical power, whatever that means. Being already in her thirties, she refuses at first and tells the orb to leave it to those that are younger. Though there are already others that have been summoned to that world, it insists that she go, telling her that it'll grant her any wish in return. In response, she asks to have the strongest protection magic and requests for a function that allows her to summon any item as long as she googles for it. Thus begins her leisurely life in another world as she sets up a quiet and remote book café.


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Awawawa my heart , i can't its fluff aaaaaa , please be marriage , why them give vibe cute couple aaaaaa my heart 🥺
Whoa this is so nice! Hopefully she doesn’t get too involved with nobles and stuff...
I'm sure there's a rough and ugly patch coming up, we've seen the warning from the deity already that there's another Savior there. However... I'm truly enjoying this fluffiness... and I'm also curious about how things will both be resolved with the other Savior... and how the resolution's methods will be resolved with the world around our dear Book Cafe owner.
Of course, if that warning turns out to be entirely unneeded and pointless... I'm more than fine with that! More fluffiness!
omg i cant wait for more chapters i didn’t think this story would be this good it’s so cute <33
Oh my heart- this is so cute. Please I just need to see the proposal, the marriage, and everything between them 😭

It's really just so pleasant that there's no romantic drama or rivals or love triangles between these two (okay sometimes they can be fun but I just also want to lavish a good slow burn) and it's just a meet-cute fantasy romance between these two ♡
I came looking for copper, but I found gold.

But for real, love this story. Easy to follow and gives off this nice vibe to it.
Such a feel good manga. They are so cute. Thanks for the translation! Hopefully we can get more updates soonn❤
They're so adorable together ❤ I kinda lowkey want what they have too 😔✊🏼
this manga tickes all my fantasies, the best isekai/savior genre manga so far...!
it's soft, cute, fluff, the right amount of conflicts, not too much complicated plot for slice of life isekai/savior
aaaaaaa i really wanna have cute bookstore/house with convenient magical google search and magic barrier!
the house is really cute, i really wanna have that house!!!
I love this
Did anyone else think, "Why is he coughing into the bread!?"
Light hearted and easy to follow, the art is pretty nice as well ^-^
This is the best isekai/ savior manga I have ever read so good
Sweet soft slowburn <3
I want more things like this ahhhh more soft ml! so cute!!!
So cute!!!!! I can't stop smiling while reading it!
I love this so much! It makes me so happy when reading it!
It's such a relaxing manga to read, i love it !
Inject this into my veins.