I Don't Really Get It, but It Looks Like I Was Reincarnated in Another World
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  • Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World
  • Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei Shiteita You Desu
  • よくわからないけれど異世界に転生していたようです
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I am cute, but I was a middle-aged researcher in my previous life?!
Surviving in another world with magic and sciences!!

The orphan Ren was riding the carriage after being sold, when she got involved into an accident, and got her previous life's memories back!

"I was... a middle-aged man!"

Indeed, she was a researcher in his thirties in her previous life, and had been living as an orphan girl up to now!

Ren will make use of her talents in magic and knowledge in science to survive in this harsh world in order to escape from the investor who bought her!


Ren, a ten year old orphan girl, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down the sides of a cliff. But the impact from the accident awoken her memories from a past life. She was from a world called Earth, and was once a male researcher in his mid-thirties who had died in an explosion resulting from an experiment gone awry. According to her memories for the past ten years, she had reincarnated in another world after dying and grew up in an orphanage. In order to escape a future where she would be enslaved by the merchant, Ren will draw upon the knowledge from her past life and magic aptitude for all elements, to create new forms of magic and survive in a harsh, new world alone.

Adapted from web novel (raw)
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why does stuff like this with banging/hot looking mcs always have to be shoujo ai???
this manga will become food porn manga in future chapter. it's not bad,it just the author fail to balance between adventure and cooking
death mage novel that rarely doing cooking chapter still make reader think it as filler
The art style is honestly GODLIKE for a an hentai isekai trash
my body is ready for the shoujo ai
yes this is garbage and yes i am going to keep reading it
In case some might wonder and ask.
This a monthly manga, but official raw chapters are released weekly and chapters being split in 3-4 parts.
this manga is way to slow paced
If you were genderbent and isekai'd/reincarnated into a woman, then hentai would probably happen to you before you can buy jeans! 🤣
If I were genderbent into a woman and had nightmares about becoming the sex slave of an ugly bastard type man, I feel like "cute" clothes would be counterproductive. Why are you trying to look attractive? Make some jeans and dungarees to farm in, dipshit
i hope someone picks this up 10+ Raws
Abilities too vague and op for me. Also generally I don't like status menu alternative worlds, just seems a bit silly outside the concept of vrmmo's.
Just saw a popularity poll with the mc in it. Not surprised to see a hentai mangaka in charge of it's art.
It says she's 10 but if u use ur imagination she can be 25.
@Anonymous69 She doesn't have "Transformation" magic. Her unique magic is "Creation" magic. And whether it lets her make a potion or something that lets her change genders, it'd probably cost an absolutely absurd amount of MP to create it. I don't doubt it's possible, but if she wanted a certain bit back, it'd probably be easier to do that alone than a full body change.

Also, she does Create clothing, but as stated above, her Creation magic has an absolutely horrible Cost ratio. She starts buying fabrics and stuff just to keep those costs down. One of her big things is just spending time making food and clothing. Her Creation magic at that point is more like a crafting menu with scaling MP costs depending on her level of knowledge for the process, materials she provides, and how much she's done of it herself.

A lot of comments here seem to think every isekai protagonist needs to have some grand goal, but for the most part, it's just a lot of food porn rather than regular isekai shenanigans. I guess the only overarching plot is them trying not to be found out by that ugly merchant.
as i read the raw... this manga could also be called "Leveling-up by masturbating" (inspired by "leveling-up by eating") 😂
New cover looks even better!
Everyone is complaining about weird ness lol, I get it tho ig. Over the LN isn’t entertaining me anymore I need pictures s.
I like this.
Please to give moar.
OH! This got a manga! Nice!
how the fuck is that a 10 year old girl exactly