Kanojo Gacha
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  • Girlfriend Gacha
  • 彼女ガチャ
  • 여친 뽑기
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In one room of a mansion there stands a large gacha. Inside the gacha are a large number of capsules that contain real women. "One spin will cost 50,000 yen. The woman that will come out will already be holding affection for you. However, what kind of relationship it will be is up to you to determine."
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Did the translation get dropped just as it was actually getting good?
@hlebets Agreed. Also none of these guys are trying to better their life. They just want a cute girl. I think what messed up their plan is that they didn't expect the relationship to be work. But all long lasting relationships require hard work from both parties. If you're not going to put effort into your relationship then why are you dating someone?

All of these guys clearly need to do some self improvement but they refuse and instead act like selfish jerks. So what's the lesson here? Be grateful for the girl that likes you and don't treat her like dirt?
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All the MCs are awful. Getting a girlfriend isn't a fix for a crappy life. All of these guys have issues but I guess it's easier to think "if only I had a girlfriend everything would be better" rather than thinking "I need to improve myself as a person."

I'm glad the girls are actually human beings with their own desires and motivation rather than just dolls that the guys can do whatever they want with. It makes it more interesting and it also means the guys have to work to make the relationship work, although based off their attitudes I don't think that what they expected.
Not sure how I ended up here
It aint about the MCs, its about people making a last ditch effort to get a better lot in life... By leaving it in the hands of the gacha gods.
And also about the difficulties of relationships and how people actually work out as couples beyond the initial, superficial appearances.
And some dark forboding plot about who made the gacha and why.
Sit back and enjoy the ride. All gacha pulls are good pulls, you just gotta work on your perspective and how you treat them. Worst case scenario, look at this manga for hints on how to work on your own irl relationships. Theres no difference between this gacha pulling and any matchmaking service exceot for the gimmick of having the girls in actual gacha balls for the lulz
But can the gacha really be considered traditional games? They are not video games, but they do not seem traditional either. Are they even games? More like a mechanic, a vending machine scam, or something.

Moreover, to what end are there genres, themes, content? Just make all tags. And maybe tags are user or scan group defined
I don't like it, shitty men being shitty with ideal girls they got with seinen magic. Like, you got such a girl, treat her well, idiot! It's somehow tries to be psychological and deep but it's impossible to sympathize with one-two chapters per shitty man. It's not even h, I'm disappointed😔

This gacha is bad civ!
Chapters 5-6 were the best by far
Heh, even your username fits your post.
I'd just keep playing till I get a virgin and stop there.
Okay, this isn't that great, but commit to reading a few chapters, the formula becomes apparent. Spoiler free, that feeling you feel is intentional.
I found it readable overall
I'm fine with shitty guys, but I wouldn't mind fluff :P
@madception makes so much sense XD , tho kinda sad how these's mc's get all abusive or freaky the moment they get a girl

The audience also involved in this gacha by waiting for a HEAVENLY story, and when they do not get what they want, they react by blaming ONE of the story involved. Just like a real gatcha.

Interesting manga about how trash the protag, then the reader try to imitate the trashness of the protag by dropping it by a single chapter. They afraid to face themselves it seems.

And the rest, who are still reading, are still playing with the gacha, reading the manga.
Just as disappointing as real gacha.
I stayed until chapter 4 to see if it would get better but nope, it's utter trash. Dropped.
Interesting concept but it's made by some edgetastic loser that can't cobble together something that isn't "MC gets gf finally but too bad he's actually a bad guy and so he abuses her."
this is not what i expected
i need more, this is basically mystery at this point, mystery for the reader only tho
Damn I wasn't expecting that ending for ch. 4, that was lovely