Welcome To Religion In Another World!
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  • Isekai shūkyō e yōkoso
  • Welcome to Wahowaho Kyo!
  • 異世界宗教へようこそ
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  • 6.39
  • 231
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  • 109,077
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Past the dreams there is a special world, where monsters and demons fight for supremacy, it so happens those same monsters and demons are also the objects of cult for religions in the real world. A victory in the monster world, means the success of a religion in the real world. Wahowaho is a new religion, aiming to the top, and while searching for their god they have summoned a clueless human boy. Toda Yuu was visiting a fan convention with his sister, he was looking forward the event for his favourite game, a phone gacha game with deities, but once he fell asleep things started to change in the real world.
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Oh wow, there are a lot of people upset that someone dared to make a comedy manga about religion.
Got it dropped?
No idea what's the deal with the drama with this comment section and I didn't even rate the manga, but boy it's so boring. It started interesting but it's been circling around doing random stuff and at the same time absolutely nothing for a good bunch of chapters now. It's like a dog chasing its tail. I bet it will get axed.
Please have Deus Vulting...

While that might be true people have other issues with this manga, the rating on Mangadex dropped from a 7.79 roughly to a 6.37 since I last read it 1-2 months ago. (Give or take.) That's too fast. This manga only started getting translating 3 months ago. (That's November 2019 for you guys in the future btw). Mangadex ratings decline VERY slowly over months as people change their votes and make new ones.

In the case of this manga, there is an unusual amount of 1, 2 and 3 Ratings ( 27, 12 and 7) tanking the score within the 1-2 month I was gone, indicating a lot of Knee Jerk votes over something recent. Like new chapters. Especially odd since the 1 Ratings have essentially doubled. So I opened the new chapters and Uh oh, it's the Shimbaran Amakusa T symbol that can be mistaken as an Expy of the Christian Cross. People tend to Give Low Ratings when they think their religion is insulted.

So I put two and two together, I think it's a good guess of cause and effect for such a massive ratings drop, especially since ratings only tend to change when new chapters come out but it's still a guess.
@crazybars are you sure its because of that? First off, by rating do you mean the Mangadex rating or something else? Second, I learned some good JP history (thanks for that) but people in the comments seemed to criticize the manga because of how slow its been or how the MC or the story sucks. Perhaps why people are triggered is because of the use of religion to gain power and abuse others.

Not that what you wrote doesn't have value, just that the readers here are less interested in JP history and even less for references to them.
Ah yes, religions like Mariwo and Bloodborne.

Honestly disappointed that the author didn't go for a praise the sun joke there, perhaps that meme isn't as popular in Japan.
Please don't fuck God ;(.
@Solipsist i concur, it's getting tiresome at how ridiculous the premise is and how the MC apparently does jack shit
Oh, I get why the rating suddenly dropped so suddenly. To anyone who read the chapter 7-10, those guys are not expys of who you think they are. *Spoiler part for History and of course chapter spoiler.

You see that Wikipedia image link below?


Yeah, no, that's not Modern Christianity. That's the Symbol of a Japanese Jesuit rebellion I will call the Amakusa Jesuit movement. Yes, Jesuits, those jackasses who forced Christian Conversions by torture and murder during the colonial era in Mexico and anywhere Colonialism went (*Spanish Missions cough cough) and were so problematic and hated that their former allies, pretty much every European nation and even THE CHURCH ITSELF banned them by the 1770s-80s


I appreciate and endorse what you are doing.
Okay idea, bogged down by a mediocre Jap MC.
The Jap's insistence on using the Manzai, straight-man-comments-on-fool template is just horrendous. These sort of stories' entire point is to basically try to make the MC's life as difficult as possible, with as much stupidity as possible. There's a limit as to how many times the MC can just stand on the sidelines, and go: "Ehhh!?"

Thanks for translations!
Why are people overreacting so much in the comments? This really isn't that much weirder than your average fantasy comedic manga.
@mrf what
Holly WahoWaho!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! Waho-waho japan... Wait that word somewhat fit... But WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!?!?! @fagguette101 I AGREE WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHAT IS THIS MAN!! WHAT IS WAHO?!!!
Thanks for the work. This one really is interesting. And the artwork is superb. Just everything I could ask for.
Yeah, no. My brain can't handle this kind of shit.