The Bloody Merchant Empress and the Cold Husband's Forceful Doting
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  • Reborn Empress in Blood
  • Yu Xue Shang Hou : Leng Fu Qiang Chong
  • 浴血商后 冷夫强宠
  • 浴血商后:冷夫强宠
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[Adapted from novel of the same name]

Nan Yun, a daughter of a merchant, fell in love with general Huo Mingcheng, ascending to the throne as Empress. However, she did not expect Huo Mingcheng to turn against her and kill her after finding a new love. The snows of June allowed Nan Yun, who had wrongfully died, to be reincarnated.

Her first thought after reincarnating is for revenge. She cannot let the tragedy of her past life happen again. Her cold exterior slowly falls apart at the hands of Yan Zechen. Unknowingly, she has fallen in love with Yan Zechen who has been quietly protecting her. But it seems they already met in her past life...

TL;DR: This is a reincarnation revenge story.
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