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  • Hunter X Hunter
  • ハンター×ハンター
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Hunters are a special breed, dedicated to tracking down treasures, magical beasts, and even other men. But such pursuits require a license, and less than one in a hundred thousand can pass the grueling qualification exam. Those who do pass gain access to restricted areas, amazing stores of information, and the right to call themselves Hunters.
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theirs already a monochrome chapters translated, but there in other sites.
hi @axel, I know your always being asked things and such but if you have the time can you please translate the monochrome chapters 381, 382, 382, 384 because their isn't a single translation on this godforsaken earth for those things
gonna put uploading on for a bit.
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no problem @enflare
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Based. Thank you for your work.
forget what i said.
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Where should i start after watching the anime ? Please 🥺
if you need help with anything hmu.
@T3Deliciouz i know.... i just couldn't help it.
but i promise you that once i finish volume 4, i will do this monthly because i'll putting them out by volumes instead of chapters, because I've noticed other teams do it.
i already got Volume 5 and 6 done as well.

@Axel take your time, dont rush this. Im excited to read this.
@Everyone I'm sorry everyone for my spelling errors everyone, i guess i try to do this so fast that i sometimes need to check them a 3rd time cause i always make sure to check everything. seems like it just passes by me and i don't even notice it. but please forgive me and always make sure to let me know, i need all the criticism so i can keep doing this. that way i don't have to drop this because of my horrible errors. i will remain until the end. if i so happen to disappear either i'm gone from existence or just putting hunter X hunter on Hiatus X Hiatus for a bit.

thank so much for reading this. stay safe, stay healthy. i love yall.
@Umairuem i think someone already did from chap 340, not sure but i know there somewhere out there in the internet.
i appreciate the concern though.
Hi Axel (digital color squad)... This thing you are doing is really great. And I appreciate your work on it.
But there's actually something that I want you to consider.

Instead of releasing these from the very beginning, start doing HxH's Colored Scanlations from Chapter 340 (where the anime ended).
Because, as you know, most people switch to manga after completing the anime.
Going for all the chapters from very start maybe stressful for you too. And you might also not get much response on them for obvious reasons.
But if you start doing these from Chapter 340 (or around it), you might also get positive feedback on a great scale from readers.
Hello editor...i see that you are not doing this anymore...or maybe not, but i wanted know that if can continue doing this. i have found rar files to Photoshop it for you and continue the series for you.
Damn it, I can't find the colored chapters.
Dang, did it get taken down? I was enjoying rereading it in this format.
...for a second I was depressed it wasn't the end of HxH's hiatus.

But oh well, I guess it's nice to get to read it again in colour.

(Please hurry Togashi-sama.)
Although it's officially colored but the translations you are using are basically the official translations by viz so idk how it will be treated.
wow colored HxH, HxH is one of my absolute fave
i dont mind re-reading it while i wait for the new chap.
So, some big clarifications I want to make: I am not associated with the group that typeset the first 6 chapters. I simply found them and thought that they should be shared with the world. Color x Color Hunters only ever typeset these first 6 chapters. However, I do want to typeset chapters 7 through 339 (chapters 340 and on can be found here ). Now, I say that I want to, but I can't make any promises that I actually WILL. I can promise that I will at least do the rest of volume 1, and from that, I'll figure out how much work doing this actually is and if it will be reasonable to continue. Look out for the rest of volume 1, coming soonish!