What kind of girls do you like, Tsuji-kun?
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  • Tsuji-kun wa Donna Ko ga Suki?
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Tsuji-kun, what kind of girls do you like?

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I tried kabedon a girl long while back, it's fun.
My heart beating faster and faster as the police starion got closer
A strong A- manga. Love that her hair is gradually getting longer.
This is surprisingly adorable.
I didn't notice her hair getting longer for quite sometime
Why the fuck the comments full of theory. Man this is a short manga. Just why'd you take a time to type that. Enjoy it motherfckr
@me474 I agree with you on the Nagatoro bit, but to me, I just don't see any harm in what the guy is doing in this manga, especially considering the feelings they have for one another. But hey, it's in the eye of the beholder, i guess.
nagataro never physically abuse him , never break his stuff , never insult him in anything beside his cringy phase , doesn't like him so she does have no obligation to be sweet to him, she is a bad girl and she knew it
the mc isn't so innocent or naive as this girl here he have been shown to be capable to trick her and manipulate her into humiliating situations , get her erotic sketch
also the moisture thing mean he used her as a towel also no one said the thing that made his hand moisted is water it could be as well something dirty
also even if it's not dirty he isn't close enough to do it since he isn't even her friend but a mere classmate and even then it would be mean
@me474 Um... the MC from nagatoro only retaliated about 3 times or less in the entire series, and about 2 of them were accidental. He was pretty passive, to the point of crying tears (granted, this was at the start of the series). I don't see how rubbing moisturizer on someone who has a crush on you is "bullying", unless you were being sarcastic.

even females can be bitches like the girl from "show me your boob" and the red headed sister from certain isekai and the FMC of "Familiar of Zero"
in nagataro the MC doesn't take the bullying passively and make her pay almost every time also she know the lines that she shouldn't cross and make fun only about his otaku life since i wouldn't be very mad if someone made fun of my cringy phase
female teases male - cute
male teases female - BULLYING >:(
@me474 You can't handle nagatoro-san then, lol
this manga obviously took inspiration from Takagi-san but didn't understand what made work
we accept the teasing in Takagi-san because Takagi is cocky brat that try to tease his classmate and crush but get uno reverse every time
here it just come as bullying the FMC is just too pure and innocent that it kinda mean to do this to her rather than just accepting her feeling
and then the moisture chapter was just plain bullying rather than teasing
her hair growing as chapters progress
Genderswapped teasing master?
Nice - usually it's the girl teasing the guy like that. ๐Ÿ’‘๐Ÿ’‘๐Ÿ’‘
everytime when i know that the two of them love each other, i can't help thinking about how they could spend even more time together as a couple if they'd confessed
Life's unfair
Oh, an update? I was under the impression that this was completed
It has potential. MC seems like a troll/jerk but he’s merely teasing. It could be better if it was more detailed, I do like the MC blank expression, but his character design needs to be better! I like his glasses as it suits him too.