Dekisokonai to Yobareta Moto Eiyuu wa, Jikka Kara Tsuihousareta no de Suki Katte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita
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  • Dekisokonai to Yobareta Moto Eiyuu wa, Jikka Kara Tsuihousa Retanode Suki Katte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita
  • The Former Hero was Called as a Failure and Expelled From His Home, Decided to Live on His Own
  • 出来損ないと呼ばれた元英雄は、実家から追放されたので好き勝手に生きることにした
  • 出来損ないと呼ばれた元英雄は、実家から追放されたので好き勝手に生きることにした@COMIC
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A boy named Allen who was called not to be able to get the gift of God's bounty.
But his true identity was a former hero with memories and powers of previous life! ?
Fortunately to have been expelled from his duke's family, Allen was trying to start a free-spirited journey, but he would encounter an assassination attempt on his former fiance ...! ?
Unwanted heroic saga opens for former hero who wants to relax in this world!
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can someone pick this up? 14 chapters of raws but 4 translated chapters
What is it with Japanese literature, that families are continuously throwing away their kids?
Is it just me or is the pacing really bad? And they seem to make jumps in the story that just don't work well
@NP-3228 I totally agree about the eye bags! I noticed it and couldn't stop noticing it! And it's not like the artist drew the lines under the eyes all the time. All I could think was that they look so much better without.

And it's true the plot is rushed. I mean I expect him to be OP cause that's where it's going but it really made that look really pathetic.
The characters are uninteresting and bland, the setting is bland, the plot so far is cliched and unimaginative. Even for a generic fantasy, it's pretty mediocre.
Are you all high? This manga is good, at least better than Solo Leveling.
At first it looked kinda good/interesting, but with each chapter it becomes 10 times worse
The art for this manga makes all the character looks like they need more sleep. Got bags under their eyes. Also, wtf is with this plot. So rushed.
I don't think its the translation, it's the original writing that's shit. Not recommendend, bad (for isekai manga)
Simple amazing on how the story can be all over there place yet still get serialized
Mmmm I have no problems with the translation. The quality of the image is not the best but it's enough to get by. Thank you for the hard work!

You see I just can't get into the story :/ The pacing is too fast and before I could even feel any sort of attachment to the main character, another character is introduced and rinse and repeat. I feel like they're just there to be wow he's so op! And stuff like that. This just lacks emotions in general and the characters just feels so dead to me. :/ Will be continuing to read more though just because the art is god but man, this is just tolerating the plot at this point.
I like this its nice and all but got a mild rant about these types of manga and such, why are royalty in these worlds always traveling with one knight, or not accompanied by large amounts of guards, seriously its a trope at this point likely where royalty just get willy nilly with only one or two guards that end up losing easily.
The raw has 11.1 chapters, hope this will be translated right away.
OK first things first it was a damn human translated chapter. As for the "Somethings wrong here" part it might have been a problem in our part. But the author didn't frigging tell the gender of the kid. And we don't do machine TL shit. We are tying to see what problem happened, but if u think there are more problem please go to our discord server and state them. And if u think this is machine TL i feel sad for the guy who TL-ed this chap after coming back from his work instead of sleeping. So this is a request from me, stop talking shit bout someone when u don't know about it. And if u got any JTL send them to us. And they can check if it was machine TL or our own living human Japanese translator TLed it.
chapter 3 is garbage translations.
I'd much rather wait for a decent chapter than get some MTL B.S.
It is great to see an update after so long but someone please pick up this series with a good tl
seems machine translated, but the meaning more or less gets through
Latest chapter looks like machine translation to me because there was no flow and the dialogue seems to be all over the place. We must at least be grateful that someone took the time to do that and post it here. If anything we got images.
The heck are these dialogues ???
Cover is the only good thing in this manga.