Is It Odd That I Became an Adventurer Even If I Graduated From the Witchcraft Institute?
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  • ¿Es extraño haberme vuelto aventurero aún cuando me gradué de la academia de brujería?
  • Majutsu Gakuin wo Shuseki de Sotsugyoushita Ore ga Boukensha wo Hajimeru no wa sonna ni okashii darouka
  • 魔術学院を首席で卒業した俺が冒険者を始めるのはそんなにおかしいだろうか
  • 마술학원을 수석으로 졸업한 내가 모험가를 시작하는 건 이상한 걸까
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Having graduated from the prestigious Witchcraft Institute at the top of his class, no job is out of reach for William Glenford. Fame, fortune, prestige are at his feet, but William dreams of only one thing: adventures.

Finding companions in a run-of-the-mill guild with an up-and-coming party of girls including a cleric, a martial artist and a beastman catgirl, and being ranked the lowest at the entry level, they immediately begin noticing that he's grossly overqualified for his role and rank... and that this mage may not be a mere "mage", but a full-fledged, national-level wizard.

Will William adjust to his party, or will the girls ever hope to catch up to him?
Will the girls accept him regardless of his overwhelming superiority, or will he always be the big fish in the small pond?

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