100-nin no Eiyuu o Sodateta Saikyou Yogensha wa, Boukensha ni Natte mo Sekaijuu no Deshi kara Shitawarete Masu
Alt name(s):
  • 100人の英雄を育てた最強預言者は、冒険者になっても世界中の弟子から慕われてます
  • The Greatest Prophet who Nurtured 100 Heroes, Even if He Becomes an Adventurer, His Disciples Throughout the World will still Yearn for Him
  • Сильнейший мудрец, воспитавший сотню героев и ставший авантюристом
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  • 437,418
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Raising a hundred heroes and ending the war with an evil god, Eisen saved the world. Having received a great injury from protecting the heroes, he left for the Other World to recover. In that time, the heroes made use of their abilities to contribute greatly to the development of the world. Longing to meet again with the master they admired, they reported to him of their achievements in detail. Reading their letters, Eisen makes a decision to set out and pay each of them a visit as he travels the country to sightsee.

Light Novel: Bookwalker
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Dam this shit is boring. 12 chapters in and still has not met one of his 100 or so heroes.

glad I'm not the only one who thought this. I was really hoping it might be he visits and we get a story from each one about one of their adventures after their master left. Could be real interesting, think about it 100 different people you could tell 100 different stories. Could be even more interesting if all the stories had some small, subtle tie that no one ever noticed because there was no one person hearing them all. Kind of like a mystery with a bunch of clues that slowly build to a story within a story. Maybe how his students through their own actions ended up saving or changing the world, but through small steps rather then an epic battle. Place the focus not on an op character but 100 powerful but not op characters.
Nice, another powerjerk isekai
Not an Isekai.
@kojirremer Isekai has started to lose its intended/literal meaning and has kind of become the go-to term for generic fantasy.
Uuh, what part of this is an isekai? Because he going to the other side and back doesn't really count, since it's just another dimension belonging to the same world.
I was really hoping that this would be an adventure where he visits his students one by one, and they demonstrate the lessons they were taught, almost in a Kino no Tabi kinda way. Nope. Just generic isekai.
Yeah let's go with the "I need to act normal" trope because that's what we want when we read a manga where mc is something surpassing a hero, great idea ... extremely boring and time wasting, basically 0 progression in 10 CHAPTERS ...
He has a lifetime of experience yet he acts like one of those annoying ignorant newly isekaied MCs
Dam this shit is boring. 12 chapters in and still has not met one of his 100 or so heroes.
Oh boi, it's going to be cheesy and annoying if he starts saying "wow, how lucky to find a piece of my power here and there !" every time he goes out on a walk
Why did the tl go all weird
Panel wasting is strong with this one.
The pacing is poor and everything is cliche. At least despite how cliche everything is I find the main character duo quite charming.
Boring and bland. Author also writes several other isekai stories but none of them are really that good.
Everyone out here crying about the story and I'm over here enjoying it.
This manga is just a "Meh" ...

seriously slow like shit pace..

no hurt feelings. but this one is quite slow.
I don't mind with the excuse "World building" , but this one is too much and i didn't even see it as World building shit..
also what the use "World building" if in the future it will become a useless thing and like it was not even happened..

rather what i see is just MC walking around from Chapter 3 to this late chapter 8 doing what we call Wake-eat-walk-eat-Sleep.
thats all..

It's like a manga with no motivation even for daily-life manga. but yet it is not a Daily-life genre.

i think it should score 4* at best, and not 6,80*
not sure what's happening but the art quality is deteriorating significantly
rough day for the artist?
Interesting plot that got plainly executed. 6/10. I'll be waiting for the updates tho
I like the idea of this, enough that i might look up the ln, but the manga execution is just--awkward. The pacing is bland, the characters are bland, the setting is bland...it's all very generic and boring and the "twist" is just sorta weird, self congratulating stuff. It sounded potentially just kinda fun and a little silly but this is. Meh.
"Going to a picnic"
@ABCsOfLife: The manga was sloppy, it doesn't give that much justice to the novel (although the translator also have a few grammatical errors).

Recently, the novel was on hiatus after the translator was hit of earthquake in Philippines. The novel currently has 26 chapters.
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