Promised Orchid
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  • Nanchoe pionan yaksok
  • The promise blossomed in orchids
  • Обещание, расцветшее в орхидеях
  • 난약
  • 난초에 피어난 약속
  • 8.07
  • 8.18
  • 66
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  • 40,403
  • 1,995
  • 48
Yang Jaesin always dreams the same dream of a woman telling him she'll be waiting. One day, he meets a mysterious fortune teller who tells him he cannot avoid destiny and leaves him with some advice: For the path he walks, Jaesin must keep with him "the eyes that can see the isolated truth."
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I just wanted The Breaker 3...
@Christopher Well, TW finished, so I'm confident they can finish series they decide to.

Besides, the author and the artist have plenty of finished projects, so for the Koreans it isn't all about TB. In fact, the author's longest and most popular work, I think, is Ruler of the Land. But regardless of that, I don't think confidence is an issue. They seem to be pretty unconcerned about TB, given that they're working on other series and even finishing them. I do seem to recall that they said TB might resume after this one is over or something.

So it isn't really about you, or the English language readers as whole.

If you can't have faith on this, then don't read it. Easy-peasy.
I do remember an author that flaked out on a manga mid story; I think she couldn't handle the sudden popularity or something, but she continued to do manga after that. I recall the readers were not too happy and even the publisher must have been pissed to see a promising source of revenue shut down at its peak of popularity. While I don't know if this is the exact same thing, doing this to readers leaves a sour taste in their mouths and they do hold a grudge. Sure, if the author even continues Breaker, but I doubt I'd give TW or this a fair shake because I cannot have faith in the quality and more importantly, he's going to give two shits to finish it.

Also, I have to believe if English readers are doing this every time a new comic is published, the original Korean readers would do the same thing on the comic pages and the author's pages as well.
@Christopher, guess taste rules all. I really liked TW, am gladly scanlating this one, and couldn't care less about The Breaker. But I just wish the other Breaker fans would leave us alone. Don't like it? No need to make a point of it, there's a world of series out there to read. (I don't mean this to you personally, but to the people who can't avoid asking it every damn time.)

TW ended naturally, and it was reasonably popular in Korea. I like how this one's completely different from it. The authors are really trying their hand with different plots and character set-ups. The entertainment value is great, and the art is probably my second or third favourite among webtoons.

You don't do yourself any favours reading something you don't care about, if you allow me. Just let go.
I am actually one of those people... kind of. I really liked Breaker, but New Waves sidestepped the plot ignoring the entire cast except the kid which meant there was 0 progression on the original story excluding random teasers. Based on that, I really had no hope that a final(?) series would be any good so I don't care as much as I did while I waited for Breaker to continue... plus the wait makes me think the author should just fuck off.

The author's new works are mostly meh and once again is only passable based on the great art. That includes this comic too; it's nothing original and honestly, if it wasn't for the art, would get axed immediately.
@Christopher, as you can see from the comment just before mine, you're absolutely right. I'm hoping the authors never go back to that series just to piss these people off. It was the same thing with Trinity Wonder.
lel I recognized the drawing right away, the story is nice and all but I wish those two would just go and finish the breakers saga
@dArkus_Orion 1-4 have been translated by a group that doesn't allow rehosting, so you won't find them here. However, you can find these chapters at Kissmanga and probably other aggregators.
Are there any plans to translate 1-4?
Pretty sure that everytime a chapter is released, everyone is just going to question where breaker is...
Well, this seems more interesting than trinity wonder. If they're planning to leave the breaker unfinished, might as well make something worthwhile.
the absolute apathy some of the groups that left MD get gets me to laugh here or there. their plans to drive more traffic to their sites really backfired.

Obviously, because it was a blatant lie.
Bu-but Mangadex said they will go legal !!!!

Ofc they could not say the truth "Visit our site with ads and give us money !"
the absolute apathy some of the groups that left MD get gets me to laugh here or there. their plans to drive more traffic to their sites really backfired.
@TheHoblit Some nondescript team who took part in the silly walkout from MDex a while ago did them. You can find the chapters in any of the aggregators that don't give a damn, like Kissmanga.
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Where are chapters 1-4?
Yay thanks for picking this up
Oi, imagine a manga with an underdog mc that spends ten years hyping up what's to come after the mc gets strong and then goes on a hiatus the moment he does. Would be a downer, amirite?
I hope someone decides to pick this up, JB did a few chapters but I'm not sure if they'll continue.
The breaker Is on breake, deal with it
Hmmm interesting.