Bad Candy You Give Me
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  • Kimi no Kureru Mazui Ame
  • Kimi no Kureru Mazui Ame: Fuyumushi Kaiko Sakuhinshuu
  • 君のくれるまずい飴
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A collection of twelve stories.
Story 1 “Bad Candy You Give Me”: Two girls and candy.
Story 2 “Swimming Flowers”: A city girl feels out of place in a small fishing town.
Story 3 “Survival of the Fittest”: A girl sneaks food to feed her friend turned fish.
Story 4 “A Tender Casket”: When your best and oldest friend comes back from the dead and lives in your room.
Story 5 “Mother and Sister”: A girl struggles with her identity and her relationship with her sister after the death of their mother.
Story 6 “Sets in the West”: When I wake up, I see another me.
Story 7 “Much as I Love You”: The pretty one and the sweet one.
Story 8 “Tidal Force”: Did she just see the moon crash?
Story 9 “Goodbye”: Somebody drew a rectangle in pencil on my desk.
Story 10 “Where Demons Dwell”: Half-eaten fish start washing ashore after a group of girls disappeared, presumed dead.
Story 11 “Leaving Home”: A girl leaves her hometown.
Story 12 “Spring Pupa”: The scent of peach blossoms conjures up memories of high school.
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