Yakudatazu Skill ni Jinsei o Sosogikomi 25-nen, Imasara Saikyou no Boukentan Midori Kashi no Akira
Alt name(s):
  • 25 лет развивая бесполезный навык, я стал сильнейшим искателем приключений
  • Adventurer Tale of Pouring 25 Years of Life into a Useless Skill, and Now After All That Time is the Strongest
  • 役立たずスキルに人生を注ぎ込み25年
  • 役立たずスキルに人生を注ぎ込み25年、今さら最強の冒険譚
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A skill useless from the beginning, <Restoration>. Regardless, in order to save a childhood friend who sacrificed her body to protect him, Touru spent twenty-five years developing the skill. Once completed, the skill could completely defy the world’s common sense. Touru, the girl, the naughty child they picked up in a back alley, and the old landlord lady join together as companions, setting out on an adventure to become heroes. A man who lived through the depths of despair decided to move forward and widen his horizons.

Alternative description (ComicWalker):
Touru's childhood friend Sora was attacked by a monster, and was suspended in a state of near death. The only way to save her was to raise his skill <Restoration>. However, even at low levels, it's a struggle against mere goblin opponents. Now, 25 years have passed. But after all his efforts and hard work, Touru's hand now holds a versatile skill that can "Freely Restore the Subject to it's Past State"! Originally forged from his masterful instincts and past experiences, he furthermore got the strongest skill. And now finally he makes his name known in the world!

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Alternative Raw: NicoNico Seiga
Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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