Risou no Musume Nara Sekai Saikyou Demo Kawaigatte Kuremasuka
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  • If Only It's an Ideal Daughter, Would You Even Pamper the World's Strongest?
  • If Your Ideal Daughter Is the World Strongest, Would You Still Pamper Her?
  • Если я твоя идеальная дочь, пусть и самая сильная в мире, будешь ли ты ласковым со мной?
  • 理想の娘なら世界最強でも可愛がってくれますか?
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The Unrivaled Father and the Strongest Daughter.
The father's powers that is hidden under the guise of an average D-Rank is..?
The story of their bonds and the storm that awaits them begins!

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last time i read manga with the idea of bringing the dead back to life, it gone terribly wrong. will this manga do the same?
I hope they keep up the death finality thing though, if they don't it would be nice if they didn't make it a "oh hey our friend over here can insta rez her" of some shit and instead made it an actual challenge instead where they also have to give something in return (dunno maybe part of their own life span or maybe their corruption percentage) just make it difficult is what I am saying if you really have to revive her at some point. I personally don't want to have her revived or anything (nothing against the character) but, I understand why the author might but, I just don't want them to mess it up if they do.
I didn't expect the author to kill off one of the main cast...Okay this got interesting.
Impressed author followed through with it.
@war77 the twintails here didn't get her head bitten off though lol
this is also kinda similar to puella magi madoka magica, with how Madoka was both the strongest magical girl to exist, but also she would become the strongest witch that would destroy the world.
This is getting a lot similar to black bullet
this manga have potential.. at first I think this manga will be like any other manga that focusing overpower character with doting parents type.. but it's not.

and those who thinks that creating characters just to kill them off, so maybe this is not your genre. maybe you just suit with those isekai light fantasy..
we need more potential manga like this that have much better plot twist and giving more into the storyline..
creating characters just to kill them off for the cheap emotional hit is lame, and if that's what the author did, he's just bad.
I still can't believe it, did they really kill off Selka? Massive props if they go through with it. Not that I dislike Selka in anyway, but the way the author crafted her death scene was very well done. Having her suddenly revive would cheapen the emotional investment and damage any future stakes.
please, let akame ga kill story telling style repeated...where someone die regardless they are good or bad

p.s: its not that I hate the character, just want some realism..
Damn! An onion ninja have stroke again. Sure, it was a small squeeze, but never the less there's some tears around the bottom of my eyes.
Madoka and SukaSuka all over again.
Plastic memories vibes
I have to respect the story for sticking to its guns and not pulling some deus ex bs and reviving already dead characters. Excessive plot armor always makes the story boring.
Oh yes, I will revaulate this story in a good way if no deus ex crappula happens and the redhead tsundere stays down.
Given the final words of the aunt it could be that she is in a coma, I guess we will know in the next chapters if they give her a funeral, gotta wait because she could get a fake funeral too.
Are they really going to kill Selka off? No way right? X.x are there any spoilers?
This is incredibly boring, nothing unusual will ever happen as everything has to bend to the will of the mc.
@Galder lol, that's true tho.
@Zethnov there's no way any sane scanlator would pay for the magazine to get complete chapters when you can get half-chapters for free on comic walker...