Asuperu Kanojo
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  • Asper Kanojo
  • Asperger's Girl
  • Aspergirl
  • Days with a Girl
  • Трудная Девушка
  • アスペル・カノジョ
  • 同一屋檐下,阿斯伯格的她
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  • 8.93
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Yokoi Taku has trouble getting along with people, so he moved to Tokyo as soon as he graduated from high school. He now lives alone, making a living by delivering newspapers and drawing doujinshi, though people totally ignore his non-erotic works. One day, a girl named Saitou Megumi suddenly shows up at his door, claiming that she came all the way from Tottori to meet him because she's a big fan of one of his original works. It ends up that she has faced many hardships herself, and with no intention of leaving, she ends up living with him.

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