Child of Light
Alt name(s):
  • Guang zhizi
  • Сын света
  • 光之子
  • 7.75
  • 7.70
  • 148
Pub. status:
  • 79,336
  • 3,950
  • 54
Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent’s east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every race’s Child of Light.

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The novel isn’t good, it has great parts but the ending is unsatisfactory.
Really similar to Shen Yin Wang Zuo,
I wonder if this kid is the , it'd work in the author's multiverse but would make for a pretty shitty ending
@Jadel Sadly I don't know but I might try it out since the setting is kind of interesting.
Lmao they use the same shitty art for their shitty manhuas
@Jesotku and @kp114330 True, but a bad interpretation doesn't make me inclined to read the source material. Do you know if the novel is any good?
translated novel chapters
@Jadel this is probably just a promotion for the novel lol
I thought this was an adaptation of Ubisoft's game, lol.
The pacing here is terrible! I can't get a feel for the character's personalities at all. One's just a kid that spouts a lot of BS and the other's just a strict teacher; there's no subtlety or depth to it.
@Nohwun It's talking about the demons when they mention black magic. Demons are purple eyed, violent, and black magic practitioners.
I heard the novel becomes quite bad though! I can’t believe it got a manga adaption. But I guess this is how highly they regard the author. The more they promote him, even if the work is bad, the more money they get...
has anybody noticed the contradiction in the first chapter explaining the beast kin? In the very first sentence it says that they can't practice magic, then in the very last sentence of the same page it says they practice black magic. Umm correct me if i'm wrong but isn't black magic still magic and since it is magic shouldn't the beast kin be unable to practice it? I foresee many many more contradictions to come. Smh this is gonna trigger my ocd so ducking bad.
One The First Novels I've Ever Read
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Can't wait till we discover this shit is also in the multiverse of the author lmao.
@KeiznKlei Shen Yin Wang Zuo XD.

So far it's good but the plot is really similar to one of the other series.
Boy has good potential but doesnt understand
Teacher is scary but gets surprised at how much of a prodigy the boy is.
Reminds me of the Scion of Light kid. Forgot the title but almost the same art style. And I know it's also with the same author but not really sure. 😅
I'm loving the art 😍😍
I personally dont recommend to read the novel for this, it got 3.0 on novelupdates for a good reason, just read the top reviews there.
Going to read this, because its a manhua.
@givemersspls I forgot lookup other countries
Part in bring peace in this world, and we still doesn't know how knight or other class dealing with demon beside their unique power