Lalin's Curse
Alt name(s):
  • Проклятие Лалина
  • 8.14
  • 9.50
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Pub. status:
  • 9,725
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Version francaise :
David est ce que la sphère surnaturelle aime appeler "un véritable croyant", un titre que le jeune homme arbore fièrement alors qu'il cherche l'existence de tout ce qui touche à l'effrayant et au mystérieux. Et alors que David, accompagné de son meilleur ami le sceptique Félix, découvre la preuve qu'une chose terrifiante se profile tout près, la chasse à la Malédiction de Lalin commence - et rien ne sera plus comme avant.
English version :
David is what the supernatural crowd likes to call a “true believer,” a badge the teen wears proudly as he searches for the existence of all things scary and mysterious. When David, alongside his skeptical best friend Felix, are presented with proof that something terrifying may have landed right on their doorstep, the hunt for the Curse of Lalin is on - and life will never be the same again.
Russian / Русский
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so anyone sees the covers and say damn the Author play fatal frame XD
no? just me..ok :(

good old game i only play fatal frame 1 and 2.....and never finished it :/

any time ghosts show up out of nowhere i stop the game and say...WHERE THE FUCK THIS THING SHOW UP GOD DAMN IT!!

yup good old time :|
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