29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai de Jiyuu ni Ikita……katta
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  • 29-летний холостяк перенёсся в другой мир, чтобы жить беззаботно… По крайней мере, он этого хотел.
  • 29歳独身は異世界で自由に生きた……かった。
  • A 29 year old bachelor, transported to a new world to live freely... at least he wanted to
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This is a story of a 29-years-old bachelor who was brought to a different world to live freely. Caught by an "unwanted" wife from day one, his life is not going so smoothly when the entire country focuses its attention on him in ten days. Without losing to such an obstacle (?), he will continue to live on.

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    @Nishto I read the light novel and it goes even more downhill from there. If I could give a -10 rating, I would.
    This manga would end easily, for me, as a pathetic 5/10. But what changed that is not only the fact that the MC got raped, but him being raped is played as a good thing. Terrible manga, retarded author. 1/10
    english version are lagging
    Chad-kun and useless-chan.
    Exactly average, 5/10.
    absolutely terrible i dont recommend this
    6 month wait wasn’t for nothing thanks for the early gift lol
    Well the people rating this 1/10 are a bit unfair, andthese giving it 10/10 are kinda delusional.But it averages out pretty well. This is a 5/10 the most perfect representation of the average lazy Japanese Isekai wish fulfillment fantasy comic, that I ever saw.

    @ konzolmester
    wait what? "less then mediocre [...] 6/10"
    if 5/10 is average, and this is below that, how could it be 6/10?
    Lemme just shove in a random girl that falls in love with the dick of the mc for no reason.

    Oh, here's another one that fell for the idiot.

    Oh, wait, are we going to have a third one too?

    Are the girls in that world mentally all 13?
    Or is the author mentally incapable of writing a female character?
    The plot is easy going and the quality of it is of low spec,everything is convenient and the story is aimless. Characters are shallow. I can see why the hate for this.
    I would not consider this manga as "bad" but it definitely is less then mediocre. I'd go with a 6/10.
    I feel like rating gets lower everytime i visit this manga page...
    I'm gonna be blunt, retard girls turn me off.
    Dropped this shit when it was clear the MC was going to take care of that idiot.
    @wouw the sexual violence tag is ridiculous sometimes. Oh, there was a hint in one chapter out of 100+ that something sexual was done without consent and now we must add this tag. Imagine if the same standard applied to any other tag. Like martial arts for example: oh, someone punched someone in the face in one chapter out of 100+ in that shoujo manga - this clearly means that this manga is a martial arts manga.
    So many angry people in comments, lol.
    Alright let me make it easy for you new readers:

    1. MC is Fat Guy who died from obesity and a fucking heart attack in his sleep lmao, gets isekai'd by some loli goddess that probably likes fat bastards since she's letting him do anything

    2. Fat Guy completely forgets that he's fat and his body just keeps up with it, you'd think that his body would remember his weight since he remembers being fat. Usually he may think he could move fast with his new body but his new body hasn't fully adapted. Unfortunately in this manga, thats not the case cause the author gave zero fucks to thinking this out lmao

    3. This isn't really isekai? I dont know what the fuck this shit is lmao, author is really shitty at story building. Nigga has a random character. Like, did he just yeet someone's soul out of that body? Assuming that body he currently has is his body when he was 19 years old before he died then itll make sense but there's no explanation cause the author gives zero fucks about world building

    4. Fat Nigga gets raped and plays it off

    5. Beta simp

    6. There's no point in sticking around for the action since there barely is any action, and when there is action, its not even good lmao

    7. If you like this shit, go ahead keep reading 🤷‍♂️ If you read up to the latest chapter I know for a fact you into that weird shit lmao. Or, you're just sticking around to see how shitty this manga can become: just like me.

    It may have a 5 star rating now but I can't wait for the author to destroy his own work lmao, give it 50 chapters and it'll go from 5 stars to 1 star no cap.
    is the english translations group on a break or something?
    I just wanna know how the author chooses to show the romance? Is it lol bewbs poke poke pewpew sword blood gore?
    Y'all need to stop complaining about how the author chooses to tell his story. If it really bothers you that much then don't read it, write your own story if you want everything to be exactly how you like it.
    It's strange how the mc is just ok with being raped by the girl and it isn't even mentioned in the next chapter. The chapter ends with him waking up next to her and the next chapter they are shopping like nothing happened. From there on the relationship between the two is kind of strange. Don't know where the manga wants to go but it didn't catch me at all.
    Funny how you can tell which chapter got so many people upset. Love it 10/10
    TIL there's 'dropped' option.