Lapis Re:LiGHTs Web Comic (Our Prelude)
Alt name(s):
  • Lapilai (Our Prelude)
  • Lapis Re:LiGHTs
  • Lapis Re:LiGHTs: The "Idols" don't only sing, they use magic too. Do you believe in Idols? (Our Prelude)
  • Lapis Re:LiGHTs: The Idols of this World Can Use Magic Too! (Our Prelude)
  • Lapis Relights (Our Prelude)
  • ラピスリライツ
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The "Idols" don't only sing, they use magic too. Do you believe in Idols?

The Web Comic is called "Our Prelude" which revolves around the formation of the 6 main Witch Units!

LiGHTs: A group of 5 unique individuals, all aiming together to chase the light of the disbanded legendary unit, RAY.
IV KLORE: A group of 4 demi-humans, brought together by a strange string of fate.
Konohana wa Otome: A group of 3 sisters from Yamato, recently transferring into Flora Girls Academy in Waleland, struggling to find their stride.
Sugar Pockets: A group of 3 cutesy members who have been interested in each other for the longest time, but never really had the chance to start.
Sadistic★Candy: A fragment of the legendary unit RAY, coupled together with an extremely powerful witch due to their personal circumstances.
supernova: A group of 3 especially talented students, coming together to form a powerful unit

Witches. They are - light. They purify monsters that threaten people and sing songs of hope.
Flora Women's Academy is a school for such witches.

They have a dream. To one day, save many people and bring them smiles.

"A witch in this world is an idol?" You, who come from another world, are called the "foreigner", the person of legend written in the prophecy.

You became a teacher for the special classes at Flora Women's Academy, to lead their inexperienced selves as your apprentices.

With all kinds of dreams comes all kinds of troubles. With your new busy everyday life, a new "kiseki" starts now!

"We will be in your care from now on, Teacher!"
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