Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari
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  • Continuity is the Father of Magical Power
  • Преемственость Волшебна
  • 継続は魔力なり ~ハズレ魔法で異世界無双~
  • 계속은 마력이다 ~무능마법이 편리한 마법으로 진화를 이루었습니다~
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After diligently training his magic every day, one day Leons found out that his specialty magic, Creation Magic, is trash! However, with his unbelievable amount of mana and amazingly good luck, Leons is able to turn that useless magi into a very convenient magic to create various things, like a super masochist magic sword that can speak for example! Moreover, he also got closer to Princess Sheria and the grand daughter of the Holy Maiden, Riana, after he presented his creation to them!
The Strongest Creation Fantasy manga is finally here!

Author's Twitter: @Ricky1144557
Artist's Twitter: @tsuruyamamito

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    Shota? rly? out
    Newest chapter of the loli harem series, hell yeah!


    Kids don't give a shit about gender until puberty hits them, I know because I remember how things were when I was a kid.
    I read wn but i think this change in comic makes more sense plot wise given what's about to happen.. The way it happened in wn was too retarded, here though it might seem plausible.
    if someone can read the official ln, can they provide info why chpt 7 suddenly did a complete reversal with those two showing up since its not current with the wn?
    ytf is there a kid reserved hot spring ? shouldn't adults supervise them ? and isn't 7yo enough to be aware that bathing with someone of the other gender is kinda bad?
    Shit. Nothing makes sense.
    7 years old? oreally?
    Have you seen kids that age? It's really terrible, the plot might have been good but for example 13-15, probably even 11-12years old but not 7...

    And it seems author don't intend to age characters so it is going to be those 7 yearsold kids for the main portion of the plot...
    Hmmm... MC was a grown man, but has rather limited memories; has a potentially powerful magic, but it has some nerf to take out the 9,999,999,999 factor; plot is clearly slow-life, but doesn't just give pages of exposition; MC isn't terrified of bewbs, but isn't full going full pedo-harem; and the MC has blind spots without being an utter moron.
    Honestly, this is a trope breaking manga.

    Chapter 6 has just hit and it's going somewhere without making me scream, so... good thus far!
    I expect it to be canceled for being too decent.
    well, the kid are cute....
    The Strongest Creation Fantasy manga is finally here!
    I have huge doubts about that line.
    Art and idea of this story is quite good, but characters... MC is grown up man who is a pedophile, 7 year old children(non mc) are more mature than grown ups in this story.
    So basically characters are weak point of this manga, if you don't care about that, this story is for you.
    need MOAWRRRR
    I want more
    @Goldenzeal - I feel much the same. 👍
    Too early to judge much, and even if it doesn't end up being 'ground breaking' or the like it can still be an enjoyable read.
    I love lolis so this is the best manga for me
    @ReaVen_LEAD he is also a child, so whatever he does to lolis cannot be a crime, because children cannot be criminally prosecuted.
    @bassgs I just thought the same exact thing... also are they actually legal? I feel like I m watching a crime in progress.

    @EvgenijM86 Yeah great, cant help it, still feels kind of wrong.
    Last edited 8 mo ago by ReaVen_LEAD.
    makes infinity gauntlet
    snaps fingers
    everybody climaxes

    wtf did I just read?
    @kevinmul 2 months till what? Chapter 5 has been available for months (and the second part of chapter 6 just landed online).
    Generic. Another power wank fantasy based solely on how amazing the MC is. No action scenes, no romance, no comedy, no sense of adventure, it doesn't even have the edgy factor.