Kyoukai no Rinne
Alt name(s):
  • Circle of Reincarnation Rinne
  • Kyōkai no Rinne
  • Kyoukai no Rinne
  • RIN-NE
  • Rinne - Cảnh giới luân hồi
  • Rinne of the Boundary
  • Риннэ: Меж двух миров
  • 境界のRINNE
  • 境界的輪回
  • 境界的轮回
  • 경계의 린네
  • 7.68
  • 7.41
  • 37
Pub. status:
  • 40,840
  • 970
  • 372
As a child, Mamiya Sakura mysteriously disappeared in the woods behind her grandma's home. She returned whole and healthy, but since then, she has had the power to see ghosts. Now a teenager, she just wishes the ghosts would leave her alone! At school, the desk next to Sakura's has been empty since the start of the school year. Then one day her always-absent classmate Rokudo Rinne shows up, and he's far more than what he seems! After school one day, Rinne helps Sakura deal with the ghost of a boy who has a crush on her. Rinne, it seems, knows just how to handle such ghosts, and has the skills and tools to properly dispatch them to the afterlife (for a small fee of course). Sakura starts to learn more about her mysterious classmate, and her curiosity about Rinne draws her deeper into the amazing world between life and death.

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