Boku no Kanojo Sensei
Alt name(s):
  • My Teacher-Girlfriend
  • Моя девушка - учитель
  • 僕のカノジョ先生
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Can sensei be the heroine? Please?

Due to a traumatic experience, I have a distrust of people called “sensei”. I, Saiki Makoto, was called by after school by the most popular and beautiful teacher at my school, Fujiki Maka-sensei.

“I… love you” Eh– a confession out of the blue!? “Until you say you love me, I will continue to pursue you”

Ever since then, I’ve been called by for “guidance counselling” after school, somehow watched AV together, being given excessive skin-ship, went on dates together. Over time, I gradually became conscious of Sensei…? But isn’t it bad for Sensei to go out with her student?

A romance that is absolutely NG, the forbidden love between us two.

Lesson start!

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