Kou 2 ni Time Leaped Shita Ore ga, Touji suki Datta Sensei ni Kokutta Kekka
Alt name(s):
  • The Results From When I Time Leaped to My Second Year of High School and Confessed to the Teacher I Liked at the Time
  • 高2にタイムリープした俺が、当時好きだった先生に告った結果
  • 고2로 타임슬립한 내가, 당시 좋아했던 선생님한테 고백한 결과
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I was a corporate worker in my 30’s, when I woke up and found that I had time leaped to the spring of my second year of high school. At the time, there was a teacher that I had regretted not confessing to, so I confessed to her in the heat of the moment, and now we’re dating! However, the teacher is one who would make any man a good for nothing person, so I end up being spoiled by her a lot.
While secretly dating my overworked teacher (lover), a sweet school life filled with flirting awaits. A 2nd year high schooler with a 30 year old me on the inside and the teacher (lover) that I want to pamper, our everyday romantic comedy begins.

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