The Hero Who Returned Remains the Strongest in the Modern World
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  • Isekai Kaeri no Yuusha ga Gendai Saikyou! Inou Battle-kei Bishoujo o Bishibashi Choukyou Suru Koto ni!?
  • Вернувшийся герой остаётся сильнейшим и в своём мире
  • 異世界帰りの勇者が現代最強! 異能バトル系美少女をビシバシ調教することに!?
  • 이세계 귀환 용사가 현대최강! ~이능 배틀계 미소녀를 엄격하게 조교하게 됐다!?
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Morishita Taiju was transported into another world and became a hero, after wonderfully defeating the Demon Lord, he has returned to Japan. He was satisfied with his peaceful days as he hid his power, but… Hidden yokai and people with powers start to rampage, and the (rare nowadays) academy power battle-ish hidden world unfolds!! And Now He Trains Beautiful Warriors Using Superpowers!?

tl;dr: Isekai returner retains his OP skills after returning to Earth; discovers that Earth has more supernatural stuff going on than he expected. Gets dragged into various shenanigans, mostly via helping beautiful women around him.

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    This is pretty stupid tho, so much drama for nothing 😨
    This is weird. It says updated, but no new chapter appears. Also the same with some other mangas. Mangadex server problem?
    @stainx: I think that's the problem. Solo Leveling is pretty well written, so when the MC shows up, it's really a badass moment. This quickly turned from some weird story about a hero adapting to his own world with his powers to some weird ecchi romcom with the story all over the place.
    Yeah it's weird right? I always assumed all of the other sisters were a huge cut above her, and only because of the levels did she gain an edge.
    "Yes the weak and untalented sister cheated to bring down the better one, this is surely the genetic lineage we want" and now we know why the Abeno are too weak to defeat the fox.
    In nudity not allowed for some scans or manga's? if anyone knows anything please let me know?
    Well this could become a good story, but the stupid mc ruin it all
    Been 6 months with basically no plot movement. I can normally stand waiting but there has been nothing of worth yet to make the wait acceptable. Hard drop
    i´m 3 months without reading it so i can see him beating the so called 'God' in one punch but there´s almost no releases till now?
    where can i read the raw?
    It was interesting at first, but the main character is so appalling stupid that it's gets extremely aggravating.
    I'm with ckkling on this. it opened with some potential, but it's trash right now. i hope it gets better; will check back in a couple months.
    I see a light sensor

    But you forgot the niple
    Sure the quality is different but Solo leveling does the same shit with the mc being hyped only to show up the last second to WOW the normies but i dont see any bitching over there .
    This is by no mean super well written at all but give it a break guys .
    How hard is it to ask and say anything? People on their deathbed often let their last thoughts out for the world to hear but for some reason this highschooler can't? Just so the MC can come at the last second, disappointing.
    so disappointed by this manga now,
    no plot, annoying female characters, dumb virgin mc...
    All hail the mighty editor, that was some godly redrawing. Didn't even notice while reading.
    for the love of god, can we please get back to the demons?
    @kokonoekyou @aramil31 @TwilightFaze
    Since they were comparing hair, the mother probably had a jungle down there
    Good job editor