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  • 1 out of 11
  • 1/11
  • 1/11 Juu-ichi Bun no Ichi
  • 1/11 Juuichi Bunnoichi
  • 1/11 Juuichibun no Ichi
  • 1/11 じゅういちぶんのいち
  • 11分之1
  • One out of Eleven
  • واحد على أحد عشر
  • 十一分之一
  • 8.97
  • 9.34
  • 192
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  • 64,045
  • 2,100
  • 49
Andou Sora felt the limit of his talent, and quit soccer after middle school graduation. However, an encounter with a representative of Japan's national womans team, Wakamiya Shiki, moved something that slept deep inside Sora's heart.
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  • Volume 0/9
  • Chapter 0/31

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Going to be releasing a oneshot from vol8 in a few days when our typesetter is done. I only cleaned/RD it so far and it looks really good!
One of the best things i've ever read in my life. Thanks for all translation group who translate this wonderfull manga.

If you love Drama tag like me, then you should read this. Almost cry every chapter of this manga.

My favorite chapter is the second goalkeeper one. That chapter really moved my hearth.
Great manga.
I honestly think this is the best football manga after whistle

Thank you for everyone working on the series.
We did it
@Chetan72 Similar to the other guy said, it's not a primarily romantic story.

BUT this is one of the most satisfying romance to read. I am a shipper of the main couple!
@chetan72 this isn't a romantic story, so it's not the primary concern
I’m planning to read this


Does this have good romance?
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@Predatornoa They are oneshots that are not in the same universe as Andou's, with a different set of main characters. All of them were written for magazines before 1/11 was even serialized.

We are letting our dedicated translator read it first and letting him decide whether or not it's worth scanlating since all of them are quite long as well. Some may not be TL'd but it's okay.
So just 2 more chapters? Are there more side stories or smth?
Ch30-31 [END] -
Expect it by next week if all goes well ^_^
Just need to redraw some parts and typeset.
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never expected someone to try and finish this series, read it waaaaay back sometime in 2010, dont remember shit anymore but will probably reread
The cover arts for this series are gorgeous. Such serene vibes.
This is legitimately one of my favorite mangas. I’ve re-read it so many times over the years. Thanks so much for all of the hard work!
Ch28 progress:
Typesetting-In progress
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Chapter 25 is almost ready to be uploaded! We're doing some quick checks before releasing.

@Melvin no problem ^_^ all of us on the team love the manga, that's why we're dedicated to finish this in english!
@Panino Yep, I understand!
For now I don't care about the extra chapters, what I meant was that people had started to translate out of order.
@Mayukas I'm happy that you guys are steadily translating and scanlating them. I don't mind waiting as long as I know there are people out there who's working on it and appreciate it. Thanks once again!
@Melvin Lol I agree. It's understandable since it's pretty difficult to pump out 50+ page chapters and most groups don't care for this type of sports manga. We have a dedicated translator now so hopefully we can get the rest of the chapters scanlated!

@Panino Yes. We will probably get the extra chapters after doing the main chapters.
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This manga has gone through so many scanlators, I'm eternally grateful that we have steady progress of chapters recently :)