Have a Coffee After School, In Another World’s Café
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  • Another world's café
  • Another world's coffee
  • Have a cup of coffee at the Cafe in Fantasy World, after school
  • Houkago wa, Isekai Kissa de Coffee wo
  • IseCafé
  • IseCafe
  • IseCo
  • イセコー
  • 放課後は、異世界喫茶でコーヒーを
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  • 7.32
  • 415
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  • 116,777
  • 6,657
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Yuu found himself in another world, here he spends his time not adventuring in the town’s labyrinth, nor hunting down a demon lord, but running the world’s only café.
His days pass as he hopes for an upswing in popularity and works towards keeping his… eccentric regulars happy. One day, a student at the town’s magic academy finds his café when looking for a quiet place to study, how will things develop from here?
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Why do you have to end this :(
Now I'm so sad and empty I need more!!
any update guys? i like this kind of mangas
This one just missed the mark for me. And that's sad, because the art is incredibly beautiful. However, the artist is relying too much on the fact that this is an adapted story and is assuming that people reading this already know the story. There is barely any backstory, the relationships grow very quickly and weirdly (to make time progress as quickly as possible I assume) and we know next to nothing about literally every single character in the story. After 5 chapters, I should feel something when the MC encounters a tough situation, yet I genuinely couldn't care less about whether . It's a shame.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
[When you realize that there will be over a dozen new isekai harem or shounen battle mangas next year and this series only got a 4 month run with an extra chapter]

...There is no justice in this world. I guess I can always go back to GochiUsa for my coffee-related fluff.
*insert "so that was a f*cking lie" meme*
@stal2walk They released a fifth chapter to celebrate the novel completing. Whether that will end up being the last chapter I don't know, but it had indeed said that chapter 4 was the end before.
there are chapter 5 out there is this really end??
@MPT affirmative
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Unlike other "this manga is a preview of the light novel" things I've seen, this actually stands on it's own pretty well as a short story. In fact, if you hadn't told me that's what it was, I could have believed this was standalone.
@MPT Thanks for the translations these past few months! :-)
Have a cupcake for your efforts:
short but good...
kinda sad that it was this short...
I realized late that the MC is male...?!
please continue
Is that monika
I'm not gonna read the novel, but I certainly hope the logistics of his situation is described in more detail there 'cause it's bugged me during the entire trip.

Otherwise it was ok, but character-growth-driven stories rarely interest me anymore.
It's a slow-paced relax isekai that you can read in a lazy afternoon. Not a masterpiece, but not bad. I enjoyed it although the fact that this is only an ad for the light novel bugs me to no end. I want the full story in a manga...
Started reading the LN because of this, and I have to say it's rather pleasant to read. Hope they'll translate beyond chapter 2.
Originally, I thought the 'finale' in chapter 3 was talking about this arc, but having now acquired the next chapter, I can say that it is indeed the last one. Four chapters is a pretty short run and I _hope_ that they pick it up again at some point, but won't hold out much hope. I also hope that people will continue reading in the LN (once I've caught up some) if they're enjoying the series itself.

The short of it is that it's too early to say; I said "may" be good writing and in this case meant only that (my enthusiasm for getting even possibly-good-writing in this genre may have been leaking a bit, sorry).

To wit, I had been semi-impressed by the atmosphere building and there seemed possibly to be some subtlety to the protagonist's character (Such as, he's acting mostly fine on the outside, but he appears to actually be quite disturbed at being ripped from his home country world, and is possibly stuck between fishing for acceptance from the locals, clinging to his own culture, and his own desire to crawl into a corner and hide—all as the backdrop to some calm and peaceful interactions in running a coffee shop.) Or at least, that was my impression after the first two chapters, but it wasn't clear where it was going to go from there.

The third chapter seems to continue a bit along these theme, but it also seems possible that this is just part of the opening gambit still.

The obvious black mark against it so far is that all of his customers (that the story focuses on, anyway) seem to be pretty girls with kind of flirty dialogue. If everything is in service of that—if the protagonist just feels lonely in the beginning so as to better integrate into some sort of romance plot or some such and then it'll just be harem antics or something—then this could quickly go to pot.

Time will tell. Either way, so far it comes off as roughly standard-quality quintessential "seinen" social-interaction writing of some sort or another, which is for the time being a pretty stark rise in quality-of-writing over standard-quality isekai. Like, y'know, the author may even have heard somewhere of basic writing principles like, "show it don't say it," that sort of thing.
Yuu looks a lot like APH Japan, lol