Isekai Demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun
Alt name(s):
  • É repentino, mas eu vim para outro mundo! Mas eu espero viver com segurança
  • It's Sudden, But I Came To Another World! But I Hope to Live Safely
  • It's sudden, but I came to another world! But I hope to live safely.
  • Неожиданно, но я попал в другой мир! Надеюсь, всё пройдет благополучно
  • 異世界でも無難に生きたい症候群
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"Comprehension" is "Stronger" than a Sword!
There is no magic without any weapons! But! This is the story of a man who wishes to live safely!

"So, I've come to a different world." ---
That man stood alone in a mountain full of plants and creatures that he never knew nor saw before. He goes down the mountain by avoiding encounters with a big slime (and bandits), and is caught as a suspicious person in the castle he reaches. In interrogation the female knight Ilius met at the imprisoned place, when talking about the bandits seen in the mountain, Irias, who was stuck in the search for said bandits, hurriedly strikes the bandits.
My wish to be a brave man, or to build a harem? "I just want to live in a safe place" - a story that such a man survives the different world with "Understanding" as a weapon!

So this dude got ripped out of his original world and chucked up into the mountains, he's a bog-standard average fuck with zero ability beyond the standard logic circuit. Somehow he's a Hero, though he's as weak as a bug. The only thing he gets is the ability to understand language... and he doesn't even start with it. What the fuck happened to make him like this? I mean he has near zero magic and the only thing he can do is talk... maybe. The Other World Weak Fuck starts his journey! No harems! Just understanding what the fuck is going on around him!

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