Pet Shop Boys
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  • ペットショップボーイズ
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"Welcome to the Pet Shop"

Nagasu, a company employee, was put as the head of a newly assigned department and received sexual harassment on the first day he worked there. Because he was in debt, he cannot afford to quit, and had to endure it every day. One day, as he flees from the pervert director, he came across the unfamiliar Pet shop. Out of curiosity, Nagasu entered the shop and found something unusual. Who is the man claimed to be the owner's pet shop? What is the "pet" he’s selling there?
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I have so many questions but I don't think I want any answers.

Anyway this is dope.
This is that messed up shit that I like 👌I love the idea of different oneshots based on zodiac animals - the tiger, dragon, and snake stories are my favorites so far. I'm also interested to see what happens with the pet shop owner and the salaryman.
Pet Shop of Horrors: Horny edition
... i want to go to this pet shop..
This is basically Petshop of Horrors for horny fujos and gheys
Tell me why thought of a man eating plant? What’s wrong with me?
I, too was bamboozled and thought this was about the band :U
I hope one day i can brand all of those mental disabled that keep screaming ‘childporn’ and finally put them in an asylum and throw the keys away.

I have absolutely no tolerance to those mad humans who can not distinguish reality from fiction.

The yaoi fandoms really need a guiding hand and a good code of conducts. Letting these savages running wild without checking is problematic. I just roasted a mad one on myreadingmanga not too long ago, put up vaccines for one fandom on facebook and here i see another one.

Those that can not recognise what is a drawing on a paper and keep screaming ‘childporn, childporn’, thinking it is the same as a real action in the physical world need to be quarantined and dealt with.
I agree with Ceiye. This manga reminds me of Petshop of Horrors, which, I have read over and over because it's so good. I think this manga's main focus is on the porn, the stories aren't polished enough. Still, I'm giving it a chance. I like how the tiger episode doesn't involve that much porn and turns to focus on the relationship of the characters a bit. I hope to see some explanation/reason behind this pet shop in the coming chapters.
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Not as enjoyable as the actual Pet Shop Boys
@Lithe @erunyan I was thinking, "Finally... a mangaka who appreciates Pet Shop Boys as much as I do!" I was expecting a visual exploration of such classics like "West End Girls" and "Go West!"... boy was I surprised ?
yeah, was wondering if it's about the actual Pet Shop Boys band :D
I was thinking of that electronic music pair but uhh, alright.
Wtf this is literary childporn what the hell is wrong with the mangaka?? I hope she gets arrested oof
It's like someone liked Pet Shop of Horrors but thought there wasn't enough fetish porn. And with the second chapter, also felt that it didn't need the pets compared to/teaching humans aspect.

I loved Pet Shop of Horrors, so I'm going to keep giving this a chance. I feel like this could have been a version of it with consequences with more sexual overtones, but if it's just porn, well... okay...
Weird enough to turn me on.