Rumble Rush
Alt name(s):
  • After the Rain
  • Dr. H!
  • High School Maze
  • Roar of the Sea
  • Shiosai
  • Stay
  • ランブル・ラッシュ
  • ランブルラッシュ
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  • 7.86
  • 7
Pub. status:
  • 2,863
  • 50
  • 6
1) Rumble Rush
New worker at the train station, in a desperate situation being played with by a groper. A groper, who targets only young men during rush hours, appears! And… the new staff at the train station Akiyama, who by orders to become the bait for the groper, gets to experience the attack of the pervert finger…!!

2) Dr. H!

3) High School Maze

4) Roar of the Sea (Shiosai)
Hirofumi returns home when his father dies. Will he meet his high school friend Jin who confessed to him when they were teenagers and was part of the reason Hirofumi hasn't returned home for 15 years?

5) Stay

6) After the Rain
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