Frau Trude - Grimm-Adjacent Tales
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  • Trude Obasan – Grimm no You na Monogatari
  • トゥルーデおばさん―グリムのような物語
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A collection of stories inspired by Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

Story 1, G's Diary: A girl with no memory of who she is spends her days working in a house she has no memory of entering.
Story 2, Frau Trude: A headstrong girl wants to meet the infamous Frau Trude.
Story 3, The Summer and Winter Garden: A beauty lives with a beast in a bespelled mansion.
Story 4, Little Red Riding Hood: A girl in the woods is on her way to grandma's house.
Story 5, The Frog King or Iron Heinrich: A princess finds something she wants and sets about getting it.
Story 6, Little Brier-Rose: A man moves into a new apartment only to find it has a secret.
Story 7, The Bremen Town Musicians: Four scoundrels head to Bremen to become town musicians.
Story 8, Rapunzel: A woman has a recurring dream that she is Rapunzel.
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