One Outs
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  • ワンナウツ
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Kojima Hiromichi is the ace batter of the Lycaons - a notoriously weak baseball team that is often ranked at the bottom of the league. Determined to lead the team to victory prior to his retirement, Kojima takes a trip to a training camp in Okinawa, hoping to discover what factors the Lycaons lack.
Here, he happens upon a game dubbed "One Outs" - a gambling derivative of baseball - and is soundly defeated by a blond pitcher named Tokuchi Toua, who is claimed to have never allowed a hit in any of the 499 games he has played.
Kojima realizes that he has found the 'missing factor' and makes a wager with Tokuchi.
Little does anyone know that the outcome of this gamble will dictate the fates of the Lycaons and all those connected to the team.
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