The Story of Letters
Alt name(s):
  • Tegami Monogatari
  • 手紙物語
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A collection of stories that revolve around letters.

Story 1, Strawberry and Anemone: Tsuzuru does want to kiss his girlfriend, Ichiko. He can’t, though, for a reason more biological than psychological...

Story 2, The White Messenger: Delivering a letter is a simple enough mission, but not when the intended recipient is a disowned royal.

Story 3, Periparus ater: When a wanted criminal saves a blind boy, neither expects the bond they will forge.

Story 4, Schrödinger’s Sweetheart: Eight women gather at an auction, united by their initial—H—and by their late paramour, E. Grosvenor.

Story 5, Stellar Ship and Ship of the Moon: A spaceship captain is meeting with her old classmates ten years after their last reunion.
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