Head Cha La
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The Head Cha La series is perhaps one of the most well known Dragon Ball doujinshi series. Their books are very funny often involving alternative takes on canon scenes, or just typical slice of life moments with the Z/GT cast in various times and places. The art is very reminiscent of Toriyama, almost astoundingly so. There is a mild theme of Piccolo trying to get into Goku's pants that runs throughout the books, but it's very tame and played up for laughs. It's a gem of a collector's item for any DB doujinshi collector to have in their possession.

There are about 20 books in total, 13 of the original "Head Cha La" series, 1 with the name "Head Cha Lo", 4 books dealing with the GT books, and two R18 Books with Goku and Piccolo.

Unfortunately, this series has yet to be translated into English and we hope that one day some kind translator may wish to pick this series up.

The scans present here will be downscaled and watermarked out of respect for the authors. If you wish to translate this series, please contact the uploader for the original HD scans.
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