I Am Troubled That My Fiancé Is a Villain
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  • Fianse ga akuyaku de komattemasu
  • I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is a Villain
  • Konyaku-sha ga Akuyaku de Komatte masu
  • Konyakusha ga Akuyaku de Komattemasu
  • 婚約者が悪役で困ってます
  • 婚约者是恶役令我苦恼
  • 약혼자가 악역이라 곤란합니다
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  • 8.15
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  • 272,384
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Lizzia is reincarnated into an otome game world as a mob character.

She decides to live with two lives worth of filial piety, however, she has been betrothed to Bernhardt, the last villain in the prince' Route. This is the struggle of Lizzia as she tries for a peaceful life.
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That so-called 'heroine' Lilia is crazzzzy! I think she has few loose screws.. 😅🙄😏
Huh, I was kind of impressed with WN. For it being a bit short, they surely added some spicy things...

Oh my ) things be getting real and awesome job on the translation
To those who are saying this is april fools. It’s not haha. I’ve read the novel and the FL is someone from another world as well

Is this a April’s Fools joke? I’m really out here ready to fight a bish.
Haha I am always in favor of a good April Fools, I’m just sad it wasn’t for reals—MC seems a bit too passive for my taste so far!
is this another horrible april fools "joke"?
Damn I thought she was gonna beat the fuck out of her for real
Why the hell you gotta leave me like this? There is this other manga where the isekai'd MC feigned ignorance and made her fuck off
I hope to god she throws hands, the fucking audacity of this bitch
Jaw drop....(Inner Thoughts: I need more chapters T_T)
im dead. ive been reading so many isekai manga lately so on page 29 ch 8, I was like ....🤔this looks familiar. legit the same scene from May I Please Ask You Just One Last Thing? where she punches that b*tch
That is some Sebastian looking hair. And Katerina is a precious tsun. Lizzia must be protected at all costs. And that condescending bitch Lilia and her simps can just fucking get executed, lined up against the wall, cartel style.
Thank you for the update!!
so the manga ended in japan?, checked the raw source and in next updates it say 次回更新日: 連載終了 (serialization end/end of serie) thought there was going to be extra story or something else since i don't know if there was any in the LN or WN, at least i got to read ch 15 back then before it got removed, unless there was a 16 and i missed it lol
edit: found 15 in comic.pixiv but well, gonna wait a while, since chapter 15 say to be continued

edit 2: well raw source changed next update for 3rd april, so this still continue i guess
edit 3: now next update for may 1st lol
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Absolutely loving this series. Best genre ever.
Oh gosh guys I read the OG novel let me tell you this novel ....
Just .... be prepared it gets (just a little) crazy ....
Thanks for the update ❤️
whoa the heroine really scares me
We’re gonna try at least once a month update. CrappyAss will soon be releasing chapter 6 since a lot of the TL, PR, and CL has been done by Illya (which we’re thankful for btw!), just waiting on PR, TS and QC. We’ll most likely prioritize this seeing as the main arc has already ended in Ch 15, and we’re somewhat way behind.
Do we have a rough update Schedule for this cause I would like more before I forget about it again xD