Watashi to Watashi
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Alt name(s):
  • Ben ile Ben
  • Hakoniwa no Toriko
  • Le prisonnier dans le jardin miniature
  • Me and (the Other) Me
  • Pinky Promise Princess
  • The Prisoner in the Miniature Garden
  • Yubikiri Hime
  • ゆびきり姫
  • 私と私
  • 箱庭の虜
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  • 8.69
  • 216
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Collection of stories:

  • The Prisoner in the Miniature Garden (Hakoniwa no Toriko). He has been a recluse for the past 10 years in that big house overlooking a bicycle parking lot. One day, a girl approaches and confessed to him, disturbing the world he's been cooping himself up in. A oneshot of their story.

  • Pinky Promise Princess (Yubikiri Hime). Kiriko is a little girl who makes pinky promises with people who expect her to pay for them, but she looks forward to the day they run out of fingers to make promises with or break their promise. An adorable yet creepy 8 page oneshot.

  • Watashi to Watashi (Me and (the Other) Me). Two girls with the same name; one beautiful and athletic, the other awkward and shunned. But who’s the lucky one?
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