Fox Girls Are Better
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[EN] Noble is a lonely YouTuber obsessed with Anime. One day, he attempts to order a cat girl maid online, but ends up with a crazy fox girl instead.
[FR] Noble est un YouTuber solitaire obsédé par les animés. Un jour, il tente de commander en ligne une servante chatte, mais finit par se retrouver avec une renarde folle
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It's satire but with no trace of wit in the writing.

Mocking how stupid anime can get is hardly original, and filling it with memes and references is just doing what regular manga does.
the NTR kinda put a damper in this for me. Totally lost faith in her. So fuck her, ship her back. But hopefully the new fox girl will be good.
*hit my head on the wall*
god...Noble manga...
*finish reading*
Life is over... please god just send a thunder inside my basement....
It can't be taken seriously, and doesn't take itself seriously either, so that's not a problem. It's funny, and that's good enough.
You must treat this webtoon as one large, humongous meme. When you are able to do so, only then will you finally understand:

For someone who's familiar with manga/anime, this is a very amusing read.
Yeah i think the mc get ntr
This is pretty stupid, and quite a bit of its humor just falls flat for me personally...

... But usually it's a good kind of stupid, and when the humor hits it actually gets a good laugh. As long as you don't take any of it seriously and just go along for the ride, it's a good read, perfect for a short break.
This shit is way too funny
i agree
This series is self-aware, funny, satirical, and easy to read, so it’s weird to me that the rating is so low for its qualities. It should be more along the lines of a mid-8 instead of a high 6. Maybe it’s from people who are taking the plot seriously? Lol

Actually, now that I’m looking at the statistics, most ratings are 10s, while some are 9s, 8s, 7s, and... 1s. Looks like the score of this manga was artificially lowered by people who took a glance at the cover and description and assumed it was just another cliche waifu bait type of manga lol
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I am so glad this exists
Does merryweather have a discord I want to tell em I love them
do not read this ... you'll die from laughter
@KyamuDaDuck , it’s based off of LostPause, a youtuber, and his custom made waifu...
What the ever loving f*ck is this?!
Still great tho
So like are you directly paid to do this lol?
This is just the right amount of stupid. I love it. Good art too!
best manga in the history of manga. for serieus
Damn, i just started it just now, but i have not laugh so good in quite a while, thanks for translating.
Never in my life have I needed something so much and never known until I received it ?