Martial King's Retired Life
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  • The Master of Martial Arts Retired Life
  • Король боевых искусств уходит в отставку
  • 武林之王的退隐生活
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I'll be retired starting from today. But what should I do? I don't have any skills, and I don't have the brains to do business. My only strength is being invincible. What a pain...
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Enjoyed it until the 'mystery' man appeared
Omfg too short.
@LadMan That question is basically, "Why are there so many isekai mangas." It's because it is a specific genre, but they really do over do this genre.
Tried reading a chapter to see if it was any different from all the rest, but my eyes immediately glazed over and I forgot I was even alive.
Because farmers aren't farmers anymore so they write Wuxias about cultivating.
Why the fuck are there so many martial manhuas?
@dawlben I like deep fried ice cream made from goat's milk, lab grown cockroaches (dw they're clean), and sweetened with mad honey. What do you enjoy?

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that where I come from, we use that 100% AAA quality GuTtEr oil. you can just smell the QUALITY.
@Uthred I agree. Just like there are many varieties of ice cream. There are many varieties of reading material.
It must blow some commenters minds when they realise other people like things they don't and vice versa
Those dumbassess who rated this manhua 8-10 shouldn't be allowed in the manga/manhua world at the very least shouldn't be let rate anything.
How can someone rate this utterly uninteresting writing 9/10?
If you wanna talk about the flaws mention me I'll explain it properly.
Think at least once before rating.
it's not a catfight
it's a trapfight
Missing chapter 88-89 it looks like

EDIT: all fixed
thanks wu
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@mammon Just read some Ecchi garbage and this easily becomes a 5(fine). Its not great, its far from a 1(appalling).

I only picked this up because of the cute girl on the cover. 40 chapters in and all of them are just pulling asspulls left & right.
I've read so many shitty stories and persevered just because of good character designs but hot damn this shit is so cringy not even cute girls can salvage it.
I must say this is a first for me, and this is coming from someone who still reads kill me baby just because I liked the girls.

@AN77685 123 or 321? 😏
If it's my favourite eunuch, I'm not sure. I can only pray she is.

Public Notice: Due to work, I might be forced to release the next chapter later than usual.
Is our favorite eunuch harem member not added in the manhua at all? So far the manhus is quite inferior in a number of ways, but ditching good characters would be too much.
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@JustNatsuki that wasnt english
@Wujizun That's fair. Could've just said "there are no places in which you're talking about"

I assumed you were after face slapping, as you stated, "... I came here for power fantasy trash"

Now, your question is confusing to me.

Firstly, he's already using some of his power; hasn't he already beat a bunch, killed another and is currently beating Jia Yunfeng?

Secondly, Lord San Shen and the master of Night Fortress, whom Ming Feizhen happens to be, weren't fighters of justice; they were associated with evil. The only "pure" people introduced thus far in the manhua are Su Xiao and Li Hongzhuang. Ming Feizhen isn't an enforcer of justice; he's a man trying to fix past mistakes, protect friends and move on with his life.

Thirdly, right from the beginning, it was established that not even being invincible, as Ming Feizhen was, could fix all the problems. That led to him choosing to stop involving himself with the pugilistic world. In other words, revealing his powers didn't fix anything. Instead, he left a mess he's trying to clean up as we're witnessing. In short, might doesn't solve all of the problems in this world and evidently created more.

Fourth, revealing his various identities would jeopardise all those around him, so it hardly makes sense for him to use his unique skills that'd instantly reveal his identity. For the record, he doesn't have many unique skills. He's trying to lay low. Also, MFZ has yet to run into anyone who's challenging enough to force him to go all-out.

In summary, if you're here to see him physically slay evil at every turn, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for a story where good and evil are blurred, and not every problem can be resolved using violence, welcome aboard. Hopefully, that's a sufficiently comprehensive answer.
@JustNatsuki : a kind of Chinese fantasy stories, with martial artists